High School Teacher Training Workshop Held at Local High School!

High School Teacher Training Workshop Held at Local High School!

Yesterday, on Dec. 5, 2016, Areteem Institute held a math teacher training workshop, which is one of a series of professional development sessions we are conducting at the Southlands Christian School in southern California. Five high school math teachers participated in the two hour workshop covering the topic of “How to Effectively Teach Algebra Problem Solving”. We presented hands-on activities to demonstrate interesting ways to visualize abstract algebra concepts. We talked about engaging students with various problem solving techniques to stimulate critical thinking and how by using a variety of approaches requiring certain knowledge points, students can be engaged even though they may be at different academic levels. We are delighted to report that the teachers enjoyed the training very much. They are happy that the professional development is relevant to them, and they can use the techniques in their classes. We look forward to hosting more workshops with them throughout the year.

Are you interested in teacher training in mathematics? Then Areteem Institute can come to your school too!  For more information, please contact us in our main office located in Irvine, CA to speak with our staff on how we can bring our innovative workshops to you. With our years of training and academic expertise, our curriculum specialists and instructors will equip your teachers with the skills that will help propel their students to succeed in their math classes. We can tailor the workshops to suit all levels for elementary school, middle school and high school math teachers!

Here are some pictures taken during the workshop on Dec 5th with the Southlands math teachers engaged in hands-on activities and lessons led by John Lensmire, Areteem Institute’s Curriculum and Instructions Director. 


Areteem Directors Judging at the Intel ISEF Fair

ziml (4)LA Science Fair Judge

In May 2016, more than 1,700 students representing 75 countries, regions and territories will be in Phoenix, AZ for the Intel ISEF – to compete for more than $5 million in awards, scholarships, internships and prizes.  These high school students are the top winners of regional, state and national science fairs from around the United States and the world.

Areteem faculty members Dr. Kevin Wang and Ms. Kelly Ren have been chosen to be among the judges who will be supporting the young scientists of the Intel ISEF.  They will engage in meaningful discussions with the student finalists.  Judging is the single most important activity at the Intel ISEF and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, according to the judging committee.

The judges’ objective evaluation of projects is the most important aspect of the fair and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, according to the judging committee.

The judges’ objective evaluation of projects is the most important aspect of the fair and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, awards and scholarships.  Many people may not realize that Mathematics (Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Game Theory, Geometry and Topology, Number Theory and Probability and Statistics) is in fact one of the 22 major categories students are competing in.


We are looking forward to hearing Dr. Wang and Ms. Ren to share their insights and involvement at the Intel ISEF to our students at the Areteem summer camp.  Students will learn first-hand information as to what it takes to launch a winning project for prestigious Science fairs.

Areteem Institute’s Zoom International Math League

ziml (5)

The popularity of Math Competitions is rising, mainly due to the important role it plays in fueling student interest in the subject and other intellectual and academic pursuits, as well as building credibility for college applications. A well designed math competition is not just about developing speed and articulation in problem solving, it trains students to deal with real-life situations that test their decision-making abilities. The exposure with like-minded students also cultivates positive peer influence and team work.

ziml (7)

Areteem Institute is once again offering it’s prestigious ZIML (Zoom International Math League) to Middle and High School students during the summer at it’s camp locations. The online version of the ZIML which is held during the Fall season will be enhanced in the upcoming school year with more opportunities and a systematic tracking method for you to demonstrate your tracking record of math aptitude to the college admissions.

The locations and dates of the 2016 Summer ZIML extravaganza are as follows:

UCLA:  July 3, 2016

Bentley University:  July 24, 2016

Georgetown University:  August 7, 2016

Areteem Institute Supports the 2016 LA County Science and Engineering Fair!

lacsef (16)

A big Thank You to everyone who went to the 2016 LA County Science and Engineering Fair!

Areteem Institute, together with other notable organizations like SpaceX, continue to support the young scientists of the LA County Science and Engineering Fair, held at the Pasadena Convention Center.

We enjoyed having you at our booth and taking part in our hands on activities and stimulating mind games!

lacsef (14)

Getting to know the talented student participants has been the highlight of our weekend.

The investigative skills, creativity and enthusiasm of these future innovators are the attributes that we develop in our summer camps.  Areteem Institute continues to cultivate student interest and talents in project-oriented research, STEM careers and profound discussions about science fiction.


We are looking forward to seeing you all this summer in one of our 4 locations: UCLA, Georgetown University, Bentley University and San Diego!

UCLA Summer Camp 2015

UCLA Summer Camp 2015

School’s out for summer and we at Areteem are spending it at camp – this time around at UCLA, the first of our three camps!

Take a look at all of the exciting activities our students have been involved in for the past couple of weeks including fun math and science classes, design workshops, outdoor recreation, talks with our instructors and great field trips.

We celebrated the 4th of July at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena enjoying the spectacular fireworks show.

We hope this encourages you to check our summer camps for next year. Next we are off to Boston College and the University of Chicago!

Girls Can Geek Out with a GEAC-y Camp!

Girls Can Geek Out with a GEAC-y Camp!

Embrace your inner “geek” at a summer camp all about math problems, science experiments and good reading!

Alright, let’s say you know a middle school girl who fits the following description, or are this girl herself…

Amongst your friends, you actually get a kick out of solving math problems in school  and have even participated in a heavy-duty math competition like MathCounts, the AMC 8 or even went with your school team to a Math Field Day. You are active in the theater whether it is in dance, choir or drama and love being in the spotlight every time you are on stage. Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, Manga or Chess clubs sound interesting to you. You may also be a girl who spends months planning and creating a unique science project that will be displayed at your county Science Fair or Science Olympiad, or even be an avid book worm who dreams of competing in the National Spelling Bee someday, just like the one that aired last night.

You may feel that there is no one else like you and that you are what some call a “geek”. But do not fear,  you are not the only “geeky girl” out there…

In response to the growing need to help guide young girls who are talented in school, Areteem Institute has decided to open a brand-new camp created by geeky girls for geeky girls!

Introducing GEAC, or Girls Excel Academically – Cool!, a camp open to all middle school girls from ages 12 to 14 years that will be part of the Areteem UCLA Summer Camp Program from June 21 to July 10, 2015. Girls will be given the chance to explore all of their interests in the STEAM subjects, the acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics, and come away begging to learn more!

GEAC provides a nurturing and supportive environment led by Areteem Director Ms. Kelly Ren, a former IBM design engineer, along with her faculty of all female professionals to help guide young girls to develop their interests into passions. Girls will be engaged in fun hands-on activities where they will work together on small projects geared towards their specific interests. The camp will ultimately help spark an interest or better prepare them to compete in many academic competitions with an array of workshops and guided discussions. Campers will also have the chance to explore UCLA and embark on our weekly field trips to amusement parks and local tourist attractions around southern California!

So don’t be left out wondering what you will do this summer, come and join the GEAC camp at the UCLA Summer Camp Program brought to you by Areteem Institute.

To find out more about Areteem Institute and the GEAC camp, check out our website at www.areteem.org!