OC Math Field Day 2015

OC Math Field Day 2015

Students Enjoy a Fun Day of Math Competitions

Math Contestants from all over OC flocked to the annual OC Math Field Day event last weekend on May 16, 2015! This day of exciting competitions, held on the campus of Westminster High School, allowed fourth to sixth grade students who had been selected by their schools to compete head-to-head in different categories related to mathematics. Each school invited around 12 students per grade level to represent their school.
Our educational outreach crew at Areteem Institute joined in on the fun to experience all that the day had to offer! Our booth was centrally located where all of the parents and teachers set up their tents and provided much needed treats and refreshment to the hungry contestants between competitions. We were also able to view all of the great posters that each school had contributed, relating to this year’s theme of “Livin’ the Math Dream in 2015”. Students who visited our booth in the morning were delighted by the unique hands-on STEM projects that we brought to the event based on our “Carnival of STEAM-antics” that was a hit at this year’s LA County Science and Engineering Fair!

In the afternoon we moved indoors to the campus gym and took part in the event known as the “Rubik’s Cube Challenge”. A handful of schools participated where they had to quickly solve the puzzling Rubik’s Cube in the fastest amount of time…and believe us those fingers were flying! The event closed with the Awards Ceremony where we had the privilege of awarding medals to all of the winners. School teams were awarded from sixth place to first place based on the categories involved in the competition which included: Algebraic Thinking, Number Operations, Data Analysis, Geometry and Measurement. At the end of the day, every student received a goodie bag from us to take home, what a day! It was a great opportunity to network with OC parents and educators and we thank the Orange County Math Council for having us sponsor the event for another year in a row!

Take a look at our photo gallery to see all that went down!


A Good Time Was Had By All at the LA Math Field Day 2015

A Good Time Was Had By All at the LA Math Field Day 2015

For the 400 plus participants who made the trek to Glendale on Saturday April 25th, to compete in the 2015 LACOE Math Field Day, the day was a huge success. After the stress of the morning sessions the students were treated to some educational fun and games thanks to the hard work of the Areteem Institute and the dozens of volunteers who put on the Second Annual STEM Festival.

STEM subjects were presented to students in a variety of fun new ways.






Like the Cooking Demonstration put on by real Chefs.





Or the a Space and Robotics demonstration where the students got up close and personal with robots that could one day roam the surface of Mars.


All told the students were treated to nearly a dozen exhibits proving that STEM can be FUN!

If you want to experience what a STEM festival is like, check out the OC Math Field Day later this month as Areteem takes learning on the road on more time! AND if you want a truly immersive experience our STEM based Summer Camps still have openings. Go to www.ARETEEM.org for more details.

L.A. Festival of Books 2015

L.A. Festival of Books 2015

Hello Book Lovers!

This past weekend on April 18th and 19th, our marketing team journeyed to the sunny campus of USC to take part in the 20th Annual Festival of Books hosted by the LA Times! We enjoyed meeting with all of the families who paid us a visit to our booth located along Child’s Way on the campus. There was so much to do and we were able to take some breaks to explore all that the festival had to offer which mainly included what the festival is known for… BOOKS! And there were a lot of them too!

Every area of the festival included so many booths where you could purchase books catering to any taste from the classics nerd to more indie fare as well as any variety of children’s and young adult literature to get the younger crowd interested in reading. There were even authors who came in person to sign their books and give talks about their most famous novels including Joyce Carol Oates, Chef Ludo Lefebvre and LeVar Burton, the creator of the “Reading Rainbow” TV series! Amidst the crowds and books, several stages highlighted local and more popular musical talent along with cooking demonstrations any foodie would have enjoyed! Finally, there were many exhibitors like us promoting their great programs to the attendees who came to enjoy a great weekend of good eating (the gourmet trucks in LA are fantastic!) and good reading.

Click for information on Areteem Institute’s Humanities Camp.

Take a look at our photo gallery below to see how much fun we had!



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L.A. Science Fair March 2015 Gallery

L.A. Science Fair March 2015 Gallery

Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival of STEAM-antics goes under the Big Top for the first time!

This past weekend, March 27th and 28th, 2015 Areteem Institute was thrilled to be a part of our first Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair! As an exhibitor we premiered our wonderful “Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival of STEAM-antics” interactive booth, complete with four “attractions” under a “Big Top” tent and our colorful costumed staff acting as different carnival performers! Students, parents and even educators came by to check out the “side shows” and other activities that were going on, including asking us about our three summer camp locations at UCLA, Boston College and the University of Chicago with camp brochures on hand to pass out to people. Each of the different attractions in fact represented particular aspects of our academic tracks at the summer camps with a focus on our subjects in science, technology, engineering and science fiction. Greeting people as they walked by our exhibit was our large K’nex roller coaster kit for students to try out as well as a large LCD screen to show students how our roller coaster software works. Students were asked how roller coasters function as well as shown demonstrations on how to use the software to design their own coaster tracks by our “roller coaster ride operator”. Next students played around in our futuristic robot world where the “Steampunk robot engineer” taught students how our motion-sensitive Lego MINDSTORMS robots. For our two “side shows” students were taken on a tour through OZ by one of its “citizens’ or “the Wizard of OZ” himself where they engaged in scientific experiments showcasing different aspects of nature and weather such as how a hot air balloon rises into the sky, how tornados form and how many colors are in a rainbow. Lastly, students ventured into the darkest part of our Big Top to help “Dr. Frankenstein” perform electrical experiments in his laboratory. Students were able to crank up his AC/DC generator as well as sparked life into a plasma ball to create electricity, learning about real-life inventors such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla from the 19th century.
Overall, we had a fun time and were able to speak with so many great students who were presenting their projects at the fair. We also met with a few of the other exhibitors who also came from a variety of backgrounds including SpaceX, NASA, the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, the Southwestern Herpetologists Society with their snakes and lizards on display, students from California State Los Angeles (CSULA)’s Eco Car 3 project, Deezmaker 3D Printers and Hackerspace, UCode: K-12 Coding Classes, the Orangutan Conservancy and the Planetary Society.
We hope to come back for another year as the carnival travels on to future events with Dr. A.R. Teem leading the way! Who knows, maybe the Big Top will come to your area soon! Check out our photo gallery to see where all the action was this past weekend, enjoy!

For anyone interested in having our carnival come to their next event, especially when in involves STEAM subjects for K-12 students, please let us know by phone at (949) 679-8989 or emailing us at info@areteem.org.

Enjoy the gallery below!


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OC Science Olympiad February 2015 Gallery

OC Science Olympiad February 2015 Gallery

A small gallery of images from the OC Science Olympiad that we helped to sponsor on February 14, 2015 on the campus of UC Irvine. This was one of California’s regional Science Olympiads close to our facilities. The Science Olympiad is broken up into regional, state and national competitions for students who are keen learners of science and technology where they get to spend a day displaying their projects they have been working on for months in around 40 different categories. Take a look at the some of the pictures we took of our booth and around UCI where all of the students “camped out” throughout the day in-between competitions to rest and get some snacks!