Academics Overview and Diploma Program

Areteem Institutes approach to academia focuses on a curriculum that teaches conceptual and critical thinking skills over memorization. Students will be better prepared, at all levels of middle and high school, for the new common core standards.

"Because the mathematics concepts in [U.S.] textbooks are often weak, the presentation becomes more mechanical than is ideal. We looked at both traditional and non-traditional textbooks used in the US and found this conceptual weakness in both.” - Ginsbergeta

Research has indicated that the mathematics curriculum in the United States must become substantially more focused, however, at Areteem Institute we not only seek to meet core standards but to surpass them. In the past there has been a “mile wide and an inch deep” approach to the educational processes. The techniques and curriculum utilized at Areteem Institute enhances the rate of learning success, academic performance, and sustainability within the educational sphere.

More About Areteem's Philosophy

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Areteem Main Office

  • Add: 15707 Rockfield Blvd, #110
  •         Irvine, CA 92618
  • Tel: 949-305-1705
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  • Wechat ID: rosemother
  • Fax: 714-784-7838

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Areteem Main Office:  15707 Rockfield Blvd, #110, Irvine, CA 92618, Tel: 949-305-1705, Fax: 714-784-7838, WeChat: rosemother

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