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Using the core self-paced courses provided by Areteem, parents and community enthusiasts are encouraged to organize local clubs and/or study groups to bring like-minded families together. Students therefore benefit from taking charge of the Math Zoom club, practicing their leadership and coordination skills while developing mathematical problem solving skills as an unique part of Areteem family.

What makes a Math Zoom Club?

  1. Each club is formed with 5 or more students at the same level. There must be one adult advisor and one student coordinator take charge the club coordination, and designate one primary contact person for Areteem. The club members are encouraged to create their club’s name, logo, and its own motto. In a club, all the club members should be from the same geographical area to have weekly in person activities, and they must be at the same level of math skills.
  2. Once the club is formed, the club coordinator will receive a unique club code that the club members can use it as the discount code for purchasing a self-paced course package for a up to 35%-off discount, and the club will be listed as part of the Areteem Zoom International Math League. Your club members will be automatically entered into the ZIML contest priority lists. For those who already purchased a course, your next purchase will have a 35%-off discount. 
  3. Math Zoom Club members are required to participate in at least 80% of the ZIML Contests. Clubs are encouraged to exchange and rotate parent volunteers to proctor ZIML contests for different clubs to increase the credibility of the ZIML contest results, marked on the ZIML score board as certified participants.


How does my Math Zoom Club benefit to me?

  1. You join a group of local students to follow the Areteem system in order to have a structured curriculum to develop your math skills, while adding the personal interaction to keep you motivated and engaged.
  2. With local parents’ support, you as a student will have the opportunity to take charge of your club activities to practice your leadership and coordination skills.
  3. Your club will become your natural math team to help each other and compete with other clubs around the world.


How do I create my club?

  1. Parents and students talk to other families in the same area and identify 5 or more students at the same level and have the same goal in improving their math problem solving skills.
  2. One leading parent acting as the club coordinator can go HERE and fill out the registration form, with the club members’ information.
  3. After the information has been processed and approved, the club coordinator will receive a unique club code which is also a coupon code for all the club members to register the selected course.
  4. Club members and parents meet and identify the Areteem course to take, and register on the links provided on the Areteem website: Club members also decide on the meeting schedule, facilitator (parent volunteer, hiring class assistant, or students take turns) schedule, club name and so forth.
  5. The club is suggested to meet at least once a week to study and discuss together. Each meeting should be for at least one hour so that students can have a chance to share their solutions, thinking process and ideas and answering each other’s questions.

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