Online Classes

Online Classes

Areteem offers technology driven courses that offer the full rigor and accountability of face to face classes.

Our Program

Our Program

Learn more about our full program, which includes intensive camps, online courses, and academic internships

Two 3 Week Programs offered each Summer

Two 3 Week Programs offered each Summer

Students can have a boarding experience in conjunction with rigorous study at the nation's top universities.



Areteem is proud to offer the most elite and extensive Community Leadership intern programs.

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Learn More About Our 2014 Summer Camp!

Learn more about our 2014 summer camps

Math Zoom Academy and Areteem Institute are offering two spectacular residential summer camps in 2014 that are academically rigorous, safe, and unforgettable. In previous years our summer camps have been hosted by top universities, and we continue the  tradition this year. Students will spend three to six weeks living on our chosen campuses and staying in the university dormitories to better experience college life while simultaneously being challenged intellectually every day. Our primary mission is to expose students to academic and personal success, because the more they are around success, the more likely they will want to achieve it.

If you're interested in learning more about our summer camps this year, please click here.

Getting Started with Areteem Institute

Areteem Institute is a private, online college preparatory school for academically gifted junior high and high school students. Our online school is comprised of carefully designed classes, offered as fulltime and supplementary courses, to provide each student with a challenging and relevant education, preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs.

We uphold a rigorous standard of academic excellence. Areteem Institute offers a wide variety of accelerated programs, including comprehensive online courses and tutoring in mathematics, science, and the humanities. With Areteem Institute’s advanced approach, full-time students are able to complete their middle school and high school education in five years instead of seven. Our curriculum meets the American high school diploma requirements, and also provides students with opportunities for innovative internships and academic yearlong programs. As part of our full time curriculum, Areteem students also have the chance to attend a summer boarding camp held on prestigious campuses like Yale and UC Berkeley.

Areteem Institute strives to help students excel. Our main focus is to provide advanced educational and training programs to help gifted and academically talented middle school and high school students reach their full potential and achieve a higher level of success.


Online High School Courses For The Gifted Summer Camps for Gifted High School Internship Program for Gifted


Offering a rich and interactive virtual classroom, the online environment integrates face-to-face teaching with high technology... more


Students immerse themselves in an excellent line-up of classes, living and studying at an Ivy League University...more


With an individual focus on student growth and opportunity, the Internship program allows participants to earn leadership experience...more



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