2014-2015 Areteem Institute Class Line-Up!

2014-2015 Areteem Institute Class Line-Up!

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Hello Prospective Middle School and High School Students and Families,


Are you tired of the usual, mundane classes in school that aren’t helping you with your education? The same routine day in and day out? Are you looking for something more academically challenging, engaging or better yet-  in tune with the 21st century way of living?!


Look no further, as we can be the right choice for you!


We here at Areteem Institute – Home of Math Zoom strive to give you what you want-


1.  A more well-rounded education with all subjects you want to take (Math, Science, Humanities)

2. Taught by an esteemed faculty all with advanced college-level degrees

3. That can be taken anywhere that you are!


Beyond the onsite classes we teach at our Irvine, CA location and to local school districts in Math, Science and Technology, all you need for the majority of our classes including the Humanities is an Internet connection and you are set! Who says that there is no communication in a virtual or online school?  Our classes are highly interactive, where students are able to communicate with both their peers and their professors in real-time in a group and one-on-one as if you were sitting right beside them.


Students will be able to use a chat box option to keep up to date with each other, have access to a fully functioning virtual whiteboard where they and their professors can write out problems and come to solutions together as well as be able to see, hear and talk with each other through the use of a web camera and their personal headphones and a microphone. Plus you can go anywhere to take these classes, a luxury that cannot be afforded in a brick-and-mortar school. Here is a full class list of what we are offering this Winter 2014-2015!


New to the online setting? Check out a brief overview of our online class setup by clicking here. If you wish to see what a virtual class looks like click here to be directed to our video gallery to view a section of one our Humanities courses. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page to find Ms. Carly Hunter teaching one of our Social Science classes to see what an online class actually looks like.


This school year 2014-2015 don’t miss out on a chance to enroll in one of our many exciting courses*! Since the school was founded back in 2004 we have focused on providing students who love Mathematics and Science with a more thorough curriculum and have now expanded within the past couple of years to include  the Humanities (including English Literature and History) and more subjects as well!


Our flagship Math Zoom curriculum including the Math Challenge and Physics Challenge series is what we are known for. These courses will leave you with the satisfaction that you have learned and retained new knowledge in a way that is easily accessible, exploring new horizons in subjects ranging from Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics and Number Theory for our Math courses and Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics in our Physics classes.*


Not only have these  classes helped students to excel in these chosen subjects but they have also helped students to compete in various math and science competitions such as MathCounts, AMC 8,10,12, AIME, ARML and the Math and Physics Olympiads to name a few, even a visit with the President Obama! This is greatly in part due to our faculty of college professors including our academic director Dr. Kevin Wang as well as Dr. Darin Ragozzine, both of which have helped to design our Math Challenge and Physics Challenge curriculum over the past several years. Click here to view more of our faculty page.*


We also offer Self-Paced classes as well for students who are focused and want to take some initiative in their education. These classes are intended for a whole school year.*


*If  you are interested please take a look at our course description page by clicking HERE to get a better idea of what kinds of classes (onsite, online and Self-Paced) that we teach here at Areteem Institute.


For more information about our programs, including our summer and winter camps, Teacher Training Institute and academic competitions you can check out our main Areteem website (www.areteem.org).

To speak with one of our student service specialists please call us at: 949-679-8989 or our toll free number: 866-688-6284.


If you wish to leave us a brief message you can email us at at Areteem Institute (info@areteem.org) or through the Math Zoom program (staff@mathzoom.org) as well as follow us on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube for updates on future events and happenings!


Thank you and we hope you choose Areteem Institute – Home of Math Zoom for this school year!


The Staff Here at Areteem Institute and the Math Zoom program!