Local Summer Classes

The Summer Day Camp is a full curriculum summer experience with a good combination of learning and fun. Through our sister organization called Zoom Academy, courses are offered for elementary through early middle school students (ages 8 or 9 and up) and include our popular and perennial favorite Video Game Design, Zoom Robotics, Web Design & Publishing and the English Writing Day Camps. 

Each Day Camp either has a Morning Session (9am-12pm) or Afternoon Session (1pm-4pm). Students can choose between full-day (2 sessions in the morning and afternoon) or half-day programs (morning or afternoon) over single weeks, or stay with us throughout the summer to enjoy a complete and well-rounded program. The camps are offered throughout the spring and summer months through the City of Irvine, as well as numerous locations offered in collaboration with local city community and recreation departments or school district summer programs.


For 2017, please check the City of Irvine's Community Services site for Camp Programs. 

-For the Video Game Design Day Camp, held during IUSD's Spring Break from April 3-7, 2017, check the Spring edition of Inside Irvine catalog for the camp listing. 

 -For the Summer Day Camps held in June and July 2017, check out the Summer edition of the Inside Irvine catalog for listings of all camps. If you don’t see our camps listed, have your city coordinator call us, and we will be happy to deliver the programs to your local community. 



2017 Zoom Academy Camps for Spring and Summer 


  • Spring Break Day Camp for Video Game Design: Occurred


  • Summer Day Camps for Video Game Design, Web Design & Publishing and English Writing Workshop:  Registration Open!



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23832 Rockfield Blvd, Suite 155 Lake Forest, CA 92630, Tel: 949-305-1705, info@areteem.org WeChat: areteemhelpdesk, Rosemother

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