Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Festival 


Dr. A.R. Teem's Carnival of STEAM-antics!

Welcome to Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival of STEAM-antics presented by Areteem Institute – Home of Math Zoom! Step right up folks and try your hand at a game or see a show all related to the wonders of STEAM! Take a wild ride on a virtual roller coaster and see how it works! Program your own Martian robot and watch it race against others to win the prize! Test your skills to see if you can create your own element of weird weather and learn how The Wizard came to Oz! Marvel at electrifying experiments to bring one of Dr. Frankenstein’s creations back from the dead! Explore the magic of Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival today!
 The Carnival themed exhibit allows participants to learn about different elements of STEAM through educational “rides”, “games” and “shows”. Participants can also learn more about Areteem Institute and the programs it offers. The “old-time” Carnival itself is done to attract people’s attention to science. Participants enter the Big Top tent on the right side guided by the pointing hand to the first attraction with the roller coaster design and virtual reality experience. Each of the four attractions will last no more than 2 to 5 minutes. Group moves on to second attraction with the OZ weather science show, the third attraction with the robot racers and the last attraction with the Dr. Frankenstein electrical experiment show. Group moves out of the Big Top tent on the left side guided by the pointing hand.



  • Ride "The Dystopia", our Virtual 3D Roller Coaster Simulator!
  • Learn to Program Robots and BattleBots!
  • Guide yourself through one of our Video Game labyrinths! 
  • See Gizmology and Mini Science Presentations! 
  • Play Math Strategy Games to Boggle your Mind!
  • Nature and Weather Experiments!

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Attraction 1 “Ride the ‘Dystopia’ Coaster: A Virtual Reality Experience”: See Wonders with our Electrospecs! Ride the Virtual “Dystopia” to Death-Defying Heights Without Ever Leaving the Ground!

Attraction 2 “To Oz and Back Again: Secrets of the Wizard Revealed!”: Departs Daily.  Travel to OZ and Back with the Wizard! Master the Forces of Nature! 



Attraction 3 “Robot Racers: Attack of the Automatons!”: Martian Robots Attack! Come Race Your Own Robot! Step Right Up and Win a Prize! Warning: Automatons May Bite Back.

Attraction 4 “It’s Alive! An Electrifying Spectacle presented by Dr. V. Frankenstein”: “It’s Alive” An Electrifying Spectacle!; Raise Dr. Frankenstein’s MONSTER FROG from the DEAD!!! Mad Scientists Wanted!


You can visit the first Dr. A.R. Teems Carnival of STEAM-antics at the L.A. County Science Fair March 26-28th, Pasadena Convention Center.

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