Winter Camps

During the winter break, Areteem Institute offers a fun, challenging, and intensive preparation "boot camp" for the upcoming AMC (AMC10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO), and MathCounts contest season. Kids will enjoy the high-energy, fast-paced schedule of math problem-solving, discussion, group activities, and of course, outdoor recreation to refresh brain cells. The Winter Boot Camp has a special emphasis on preparation for the spring math contests and offers many lively practice sessions with challenging written and oral problems and a good-natured spirit of competition.


1st Winter Math Camp

Dates: Dec. 26-30, 2017

Location: Irvine, California

Daily Schedule: 9AM to 4PM


$800 for early registration (Before September 30)

$900 for regular registration



2nd Winter Math Camp

For the first time ever, Areteem is offering a residential option for the winter camp that allows students from all over the United States to have an opportunity to train with the world-class faculty members at Areteem and prepare for the upcoming math contest (AMC 10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO, MathCounts, ZIML, and many more) seasons.

Dates: Jan. 2-6, 2018

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Daily Schedule:

Classes run from 9AM to 4PM, with afternoon sports and recreation, and seminars, leadership activities, and study hall in the evenings.


Residential Camper:

$1650 for regular registration


Day Camper: 

$950 for regular registration


Early Bird Registration Discount:

$100-off for early bird registration before September 30th (both residential& day campers)

Group Purchases Discount: (at least 5 students):

$50-off for Day Campers, $100-off for Non-Local Residential Camper, $150-off for Local Residential Camper (Greater Chicago Land) 

PS: Certain discounts can be added up. (Eg, an early bird registered local residential camper who is also participated in a group purchase can have a $250-off.) 


(The camp tuition for both camps include registration, course fee, and material fee)


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Areteem Main Office:  15707 Rockfield Blvd, #110, Irvine, CA 92618, Tel: 949-305-1705, WeChat: rosemother

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