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The American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) is the next step in the Olympiad series after the AMC 12. Those who qualify for the AIME have a 90% acceptance rate to MIT. Invitations for the AIME are given to the top 5% of scorers on the AMC 12, to the top 2.5% of scorers on the AMC 10, to those who scored 120 points or more on the AMC 10, and to those who scored 100 points or more on the AMC 12.

Top scorers on AIME are then invited to take the USAMO. The math required for AIME is pre-calculus or below. There are no calculators allowed during the AIME. The test itself is 3 hours long for 15 questions.

The AIME tests mathematical problem solving with arithmetic, algebra, counting, geometry, number theory, and probability and other secondary school math topics. Problems usually require either creative use of curriculum, or an understanding as to how different areas of math can be used together to investigate and solve a problem.

Most who take the AIME are in high school, but some middle school students participate in the contest. The best way to study for this exam is to go over problems from previous years. Another recommendation is to use the study books, which can be purchased from the MAA bookstore or the Areteem Institute bookstore.

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