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Irvine, CA. Areteem Institute and it’s Math Zoom program are hosting a group of Master Trainer teachers from the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. January 8th, 2014, 18 Master Trainers arrived in Irvine to receive training from Areteem Institute through the IDiscover program.

Kelly Ren, who is a Director at Areteem Institute explained the IDiscover program. “IDiscover is a Saudi Arabian Government project started by Saudi Aramco and administered by the Saudi Department of Education. From my understanding, Saudi Aramco as part of the Government wants to give back to the society. The Department of Education has done a lot of great work to improve the math, science and technology in the Kingdom, and we are happy to be a part of that effort.”

According to a release by Saudi Aramco, the IDiscover program: “The most important goal of the initiative is to reach out to 2 million youths by 2020 and transform the Kingdom into a knowledge-based and creative society.” The release explained the scope and approach of the program. “In its initial stage, the program plans to offer 250,000 learning hours for 2,000 students and 1,000 teachers in five cities throughout the Kingdom, including Hayil, Jiddah, Yanbu’, Jazan and al-Hasa. Program instructors will conduct 100 school workshops over the next 10 years in various cities.”

For this particular partnership, Areteem Institute designed an assessment test that was given to school math teachers across the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, and the highest performing teachers were selected by Areteem Professors to become Master Trainers. Those Master Trainers travel to the United States for their own training. Once completed they will perform their own training to their fellow math instructors.

Kelly Ren shared more on the partnership process. “IDiscover heard about Areteem Institute from their resources, and knew that we had a good reputation for this. They had requested a proposal from three major math organizations in the United States, and they chose us. I think for a few reasons. One is, we have been providing the quality education that they are looking for. The other is that the level of materials we have were easily adapted to fit the needs of these teachers, and their students. We have a wide range of content that was very useful.”

Areteem Institute continues to provide quality education to students and teachers from within the United States, and across the World, and is honored to be a part of such an important initiative for the Saudi Arabian people.




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