Areteem Institute’s UC Berkeley Summer Camp

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Every year, we embark on an important labor of love. Homeschooled students, Areteem Institute students, and gifted students from across the United States and China come to the United States for our condensed summer programs. We have a STEM focus, and have phenomenal Science, Technology, Engineering and (tons of) Math programs. Our exciting faculty is there in person to connect with students. Each year, we have an East Coast and West Coast location.

While we are still in the final stages of selecting the most appropriate Institution to work with on the Eastern US, our West Coast location has been determined. Our students enjoyed Southern California last year at Cal State Fullerton, however, we are heading north this year. UC Berkeley is well known for it’s phenomenal math programs and alumni, and would be a wonderful location for our students to enjoy 4 year campus life. They will meet Berkeley staff, sleep in Berkeley dorms, and study in Berkeley classrooms.

The dates for the Berkeley camp are:┬áJune 22nd – July 12th, 2014
The dates for our East Coast camp is: July 20th – Aug 9th, 2014

Camp is open to all gifted students.

Our camp is open to select non-Areteem students who have demonstrated a proficiency in any of the STEM subjects. Contact us at 949-679-8989 for more information.

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