Areteem Makes its Rounds from Spring to Fall 2014!

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Hello again everyone, can you imagine it’s already fall, time flies by really fast doesn’t it? Our school has been brimming with so much activity, from our summer camps at Berkeley and Boston to the various education events we have been attending including ones still to come!


Last time we left off we were talking about the OC Math Field Day way back in May! On Saturday May 17th our marketing team and directors went to Capistrano Valley High School for its annual OC Math Field Day. We had our booth set up outside next to the school auditorium where we were able to meet with many of the student math groups, representing elementary schools from across the OC! The students were especially happy when we gave them free Areteem goodie bags too!


While the students were busy all morning with their math competitions, we were able to act as guest judges in deciding the winning posters to represent the event. All of the student groups had to create a poster from their schools to represent the theme “Make Math Your Scene in 2014” and we were able to choose the first, second and third place winners. After lunch, we all migrated to the school auditorium where all of the action was happening as students were frantically competing neck-in-neck in the Rubik’s Cube Challenge to see who was the fastest! At the end of the day, we handed out Math Field Day awards as well as our own scholarship certificates to the winners of both the school competitions and the Rubrics Cube Challenge, what a day!


Two weeks later our school traveled to Las Vegas for the annual ARML (American Regions Mathematics League) a national competition for all math students who have made it to this level! Every year we usually help out at the event booth to sell ARML-affiliated products like past text books, t-shirts and Frisbees while students are quietly absorbed in their competitions as well as other related activities. We arrived on Thursday evening and had a delicious dinner with many of the math coaches. The next day on Friday we attended a meeting to talk about the competition schedule for Saturday and that night our academic director Dr. Kevin Wang gave students a few tips on how to master the competition by introducing ideas in math as “math magic” problems a la Professor Dumbledore! The main competition was held on Saturday where we watched as hundreds of students from across the western states compete in individual and group competitions. It was a great weekend overall, despite the sweltering weather, but at least we were able to visit the Vegas strip in our off time to see the hotels and catch a show!


Our summer was predominantly occupied with the Summer Residential Program held at the campuses of Cal Berkeley in northern California from late June to early July and of Boston College from late July to early August. We had such a good time getting to know all of the students as they learned new tricks of the math trade and bonded together in group-building activities and our fun weekend excursions to amusement parks, the Winchester Mystery House in California and a Freedom Trail Tour of Boston!


Now we get to fall! This past Sunday our marketing team traveled to Walnut High School to participate in the larger LA-based Education Seminars and College Fair event hosted by the Chinese language newspaper, the World Journal LA. Here we set up our booth and met with so many families from the Chinese speaking community as well as various admissions officers representing the Cal State and UC schools.


On Sunday October 5th we are looking forward to going to UC Irvine for our second time with the OCPSA at their “2nd Annual High School Fair”, one that we visited last year as a guest!


These educational events in general help us to spread the word of Areteem Institute and its programs as well as to network and meet with a variety of educators and families from across different fields in order to learn from them and reach out in various ways.
We hope to see you at our future events, enjoy the fall!



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