What kind of opportunities can arise of a High School internship?

By  Cameron Yanoscik

Read our last blog in this series about “High School vs College Internships”.

Throughout the interviews we conducted, we learned much about the benefits and challenges involved with high school internship programs. To close this blog series, we asked the three college counselors to tell us what they felt were the positive outcomes for students involved in academic internships.

Robert Pierce of CSU Fullerton added that,

“…internships should be about you trying out a profession. See if it is something you are interested in and can be passionate about. That’s really what they exist for and why thousands of students are doing internships each year.”

As we have learned, high school internships provide students a wonderful opportunity to explore their interests in a variety of fields and careers along with:

  1. Real work-related experience,
  2. An acquired practical skills set, and
  3. Future professional contacts

All can be helpful in influencing a student’s decision to study an individual major and pursue unique career goals. High school internships thus equip students with the knowledge to be successful, helping them to discover what they really want to do after college and beyond. We at Areteem Institute hope that by allowing students to participate in our private school internship programs they will be able to take some initiative in their own lives, go out and explore their own passions, connect with people and become tomorrow’s compassionate and successful leaders. So go ahead, try out an internship near you!

Thank you for reading along with us. Join us next time to learn more about educational opportunities in order to get ahead in life!

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Academic Internship for High School

What is the biggest difference between College and High School Academic Internships?

By  Cameron Yanoscik

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The Academic Internship Directors we interviewed differentiated between the two kinds of academic internships. All believe that while a college internship is more specific and relates to relevant coursework and a student’s future career, a high school internship may provide a broader look into a work-related setting. Students involved in a private school internship at Areteem Institute, for example, will be offered a glimpse into the working world where they have the chance to help out their communities and their peers, such as tutoring students in their classes.

Brian Frenette of Yale University notes that college internships are “more likely focused on career-oriented tasks” while high school internships “might have more of an administrative flair”. High school internships provide students a rare opportunity to work with others in different fields and be able to sample individual aspects of the work place they are interning at. Regardless of the differences in expectations, both internships have value, Mr. Frenette says as they “help reinforce the ever-valuable ‘transferable skills’ while also helping [to] introduce the student to the skill sets that will need to be on display as they apply to internships as a freshman or sophomore in college.”

A high school internship could help pave the way to a successful college experience, giving students an upper edge over their peers when they apply for more in-depth college internships related to their majors. College internships can be challenging, especially, as Tricia Oliveira of UC San Diego pointed out,

“…[the internships] may require a higher level of preparation; there’s usually an expectation that students have had some intermediate or advanced level coursework relevant to the internship, and interns should engage in more advanced level projects or tasks.”

She further mentioned that UCSD students involved in an internship program have to make a connection between their internship and their studies by completing a project or writing a final research paper.

For both internship opportunities, students will improve their communication skills, leadership qualities, group cooperation and time management, among others that are needed in order to apply to the best colleges, discover prospective career options and simply live in the world today.

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Academic Internship for High School

Areteem Institute partners with IDiscover

Areteem Institute partners with IDiscover

Attn: Outreach
Areteem Institute
4850 Barranca Pkwy #203
Irvine, CA, 92606



Irvine, CA. Areteem Institute and it’s Math Zoom program are hosting a group of Master Trainer teachers from the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. January 8th, 2014, 18 Master Trainers arrived in Irvine to receive training from Areteem Institute through the IDiscover program.

Kelly Ren, who is a Director at Areteem Institute explained the IDiscover program. “IDiscover is a Saudi Arabian Government project started by Saudi Aramco and administered by the Saudi Department of Education. From my understanding, Saudi Aramco as part of the Government wants to give back to the society. The Department of Education has done a lot of great work to improve the math, science and technology in the Kingdom, and we are happy to be a part of that effort.”

According to a release by Saudi Aramco, the IDiscover program: “The most important goal of the initiative is to reach out to 2 million youths by 2020 and transform the Kingdom into a knowledge-based and creative society.” The release explained the scope and approach of the program. “In its initial stage, the program plans to offer 250,000 learning hours for 2,000 students and 1,000 teachers in five cities throughout the Kingdom, including Hayil, Jiddah, Yanbu’, Jazan and al-Hasa. Program instructors will conduct 100 school workshops over the next 10 years in various cities.”

For this particular partnership, Areteem Institute designed an assessment test that was given to school math teachers across the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, and the highest performing teachers were selected by Areteem Professors to become Master Trainers. Those Master Trainers travel to the United States for their own training. Once completed they will perform their own training to their fellow math instructors.

Kelly Ren shared more on the partnership process. “IDiscover heard about Areteem Institute from their resources, and knew that we had a good reputation for this. They had requested a proposal from three major math organizations in the United States, and they chose us. I think for a few reasons. One is, we have been providing the quality education that they are looking for. The other is that the level of materials we have were easily adapted to fit the needs of these teachers, and their students. We have a wide range of content that was very useful.”

Areteem Institute continues to provide quality education to students and teachers from within the United States, and across the World, and is honored to be a part of such an important initiative for the Saudi Arabian people.




Areteem Institute Twitter

What kinds of organizations are available for internships?

By  Cameron Yanoscik

Read our last blog in this series about knowing “when you are in a great internship”.

The answer is more surprising than you may think! There are many opportunities for students to become involved in a variety of fields and interests. High school internship programs, including private school internships, try to find as many available resources as possible to provide to students so they could decide what kind of “work” they are interested in exploring. At Areteem Institute in particular, we try to match our students with an internship program that is more to their taste and also emphasize more of an academic focus such as tutoring services, etc.

Robert Pierce of Cal State University, Fullerton mentioned, in regards to where organizations were available, that they could be:

“Anything and everything from movie studios to hospitals to schools to pharmaceutical companies! There are internships in every career and every major. Really, whatever field you are interested in you can find an internship for. I have had students working on animations for DreamWorks through to assisting with psychological evaluations at Metropolitan State Hospital. The world really is your oyster.”

As mentioned in previous interviews, students should think about their interests and aspiring work-related goals as that will help determine where they will be working at during an internship. Schools will provide knowledge of internship opportunities in the area and help students become more involved in their local communities as well.

Students should remember that internships go beyond volunteer work as they are more geared towards general practical work experience in a job or career. The organizations hosting interns might provide something to the equivalent of a small “salary” during the time students are involved in the program.

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Academic Internship for High School

How should students make the most of their internship time?

How should students make the most of their internship time?

(Click here for the last part of this series, “Knowing when you are in a great internship”)

Answer: Observe and take initiative!

Students need to be the ones to decide how they want to spend their time during a high school internship program. Not only should they actively do something but they should also learn by listening more. Students also learn by watching the examples set by their supervisors and those who are actively working around them.

Tricia Oliveira of UC San Diego says, “observe everything that goes on around you…pay attention to things like processes and procedures, as well as how people interact with each other to get things done so that you can follow suit.”

A high school internship program is all in the experience. Students will benefit from active observation because they have the advantage of being on “the outside looking in”. They can study a group of people firsthand, learning about their unique work culture as well as pick up on verbal conversations, body language and other unspoken dialogue. The private school internship gives students a better sense of a work-related atmosphere as they are able to observe how people interact and “flow” together. This kind of experience will prove invaluable for students when they think about the kinds of work settings better suited for them.

In regards to doing more, Tricia also added the following:

“Take initiative: introduce yourself to people, ask questions, and request opportunities to get involved with tasks or projects that interest you, or that you think would contribute something of value to the organization. Interns who just sit around waiting for exciting projects to fall in their lap usually wait a long time. A positive attitude and eagerness to learn go a long way, and it goes without saying that you must be dependable – show up on time, and follow through on projects.”

As can be gathered, students need to be actively involved in an internship program if they want to see results. From meeting and observing fellow colleagues, finding interesting work to do as well as asking for advice, students become more independent decision-makers and mature individuals as well.

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By Cameron Yanoscik