Girls Can Geek Out with a GEAC-y Camp!

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Embrace your inner “geek” at a summer camp all about math problems, science experiments and good reading!

Alright, let’s say you know a middle school girl who fits the following description, or are this girl herself…

Amongst your friends, you actually get a kick out of solving math problems in school  and have even participated in a heavy-duty math competition like MathCounts, the AMC 8 or even went with your school team to a Math Field Day. You are active in the theater whether it is in dance, choir or drama and love being in the spotlight every time you are on stage. Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, Manga or Chess clubs sound interesting to you. You may also be a girl who spends months planning and creating a unique science project that will be displayed at your county Science Fair or Science Olympiad, or even be an avid book worm who dreams of competing in the National Spelling Bee someday, just like the one that aired recently.

You may feel that there is no one else like you and that you are what some call a “geek”. But do not fear,  you are not the only “geeky girl” out there…

In response to the growing need to help guide young girls who are talented in school, Areteem Institute has decided to open a brand-new camp created by geeky girls for geeky girls!

Introducing GEAC, or Girls Excel Academically – Cool!, a camp open to all middle school girls from ages 12 to 14 years that will be part of the Areteem UCLA Summer Camp Program from June 21 to July 10, 2015. Girls will be given the chance to explore all of their interests in the STEAM subjects, the acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics, and come away begging to learn more!

GEAC provides a nurturing and supportive environment led by Areteem Director Ms. Kelly Ren, a former IBM design engineer, along with her faculty of all female professionals to help guide young girls to develop their interests into passions. Girls will be engaged in fun hands-on activities where they will work together on small projects geared towards their specific interests. The camp will ultimately help spark an interest or better prepare them to compete in many academic competitions with an array of workshops and guided discussions. Campers will also have the chance to explore UCLA and embark on our weekly field trips to amusement parks and local tourist attractions around southern California!

So don’t be left out wondering what you will do this summer, come and join the GEAC camp at the UCLA Summer Camp Program brought to you by Areteem Institute.

To find out more about Areteem Institute and the GEAC camp, check out our website at!




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