Guess and Win – Update from the LA County Science Fair Booth

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On Sunday, March 12th, “Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival of Steamantics” returned as an exhibitor booth at the 2023 LA County Science Fair. The exhibitor booths were open to the public, where students and their families were able to experience various STEM activities. Highlights from our booth:

  • The VR Roller Coaster where students got to experience the thrill of a rollercoaster using Oculus VR.
  • Math Games, including the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, 3D-Tic-Tac-Toe, and guess the Platonic Solids.
  • Demonstrations of the Monty Hall Problem/Paradox.
  • The “Guess and Win” experiment.

The rules for “Guess and Win” were simple:

  • Pick an amount of money between $1 and $200 (such as $102.50).
  • At the end of the day the LOWEST value submitted wins that amount.
  • Note: If there are multiple lowest submissions (a tie), the value guessed will be split among the winners.

In total, 72 guesses were submitted. 68 of them were “valid”, with 3 guesses below $1 and 1 above $200. For the valid guesses, predictably many people wanted to win rather than win a larger amount of money:

  • 10 submitted exactly $1 (and an 11th submitted $1.0000001).
  • 5 additional people submitted $1.01 (possibly due to confusion as to whether exactly $1 was allowed).

The average of all the valid guesses was $42.85. A chart with all the valid guesses is below:

Overall, the event was very fun! Signup for our email newsletter by clicking here for the latest updates and information on upcoming events! Have an event you’d like “Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival” to attend? Reach out to us at

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