Methods of Taking Math Home: How Math Textbooks Can Actually be Fun

We’re sure many students groan at the mention of “homework” in class; sometimes the last work they want is work they have to take home with them. It’s been a natural response for many students to reject homework because after 6 hours of different subjects presented, we understand the “fun” factor can disappear. But the folks over here at Areteem might be able to gear up interest again with a “trojan horse” of learning: the ZIML Math Textbooks.

These books¬†are designed to prepare students to compete against others in ZIML math competitions that are held monthly and annually. Students can study problems, use their thinking stills to figure out the correct answers, and then apply what they’ve learned in future competitions and in real-world application. Plus, the ZIML programs have daily math problems where students can test their skills and compete against each other for top prize. We’ve gamified a lot of the learning process so students aren’t just “taking a test,” they’re engaging with material to further explore their thinking abilities and establish a sense of fellowship among other students who are also practicing for math competitions.

Some of the topics in these math textbooks range between the specific ZIML division and intended grades, but for lower grades you can find number sense and operations, geometry, algebra, spatial sense,¬† probability, and working with data concepts. Higher courses deal with more advanced geometry, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and other topics you’ll find in a regular high school math curriculum.

If you’re a parent or teacher, we hope you consider the materials we offer through ZIML to give your students an advantage at learning. We stand behind all the problems we’ve developed at Areteem, and would love to see a turnaround in the education for your children. Contact us to learn more.

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