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By the time I started with Areteem in 2015, they had already been offering online classes for 5+ years. So while many schools and institutions are figuring out the transition to online and distance learning, we at Areteem have been working for 10+ years to provide the best experience for student learning online.

While things are still improving (stay tuned for a preview of upcoming registration tools, including better management for parents and families!), we are proud of the unified system we can provide for student learning online.

Making Learning Convenient and Streamlined

Students preparing for contests like the AMC math series (8/10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO, etc.), MATHCOUNTS, or other STEM competitions such as F=ma or USACO have enough tough problems to solve, accessing their preparation materials should not be one of them!

Areteem’s site provides a unified learning management system (LMS) for students and parents. Registration and course access all occur in one place (with one account). For self-paced courses, students can register and begin learning immediately! is the hub for all student learning

Once registered for a course, students have all they need to succeed in one place as well. Each course page features:

  • Course information including syllabi, class guides, and required or recommended textbooks.
  • Links to live classes (via Zoom), plus course recordings after live classes are held.
  • Homework and practice resources, including solutions and teacher feedback all in one place after assignments are submitted.
  • Online communication and help, including course forums for discussion and a messaging system to get in touch with instructors.

Plus, students in multiple courses can easily access each course separately to track their progress in each.

Unified Curriculum = Long Term Student Growth

Areteem courses fit together for students who wish to improve over multiple years. Year round Math Challenge courses build a strong foundation while camps and prep courses allow for intense periods of problem solving practice.

  • A middle school student might start with Math Challenge I-B to prepare for the AMC 8. Having mastered middle school material, they can take Math Challenge I-C to prepare for taking high school math competitions and more advanced courses Math Challenge II-A.
  • A high school student might start with Math Challenge II-A to improve on the AMC 10 and qualify for AIME. Having qualified for AIME, they can take Math Challenge III (and eventually Math Challenge IV) to improve on the invitational competitions like AIME and USAMO.

Areteem’s curriculum (including course textbooks) has been improved over the years to provide practice problems and examples for students to help them learn and grow, whether they are learning in a live or self-paced course or through self study.

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