What High School Seniors Should Consider When Applying to Colleges This November

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We’re at the beginning of college admissions season for this year’s high-school seniors. One big change this fall is on the financial-aid front: Families can now file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA, as of October 1 — three months earlier than in previous years, and using their most recent tax returns.

~Salingo (writer, professor and visiting scholar)

Jeffrey J. Salingo’s recent article in the Washington Post entitled “As college admissions season begins, important advice for high-school seniors” highlights some major ideas for students to think when applying to college this year. One new feature that is available to families is now applying for the FAFSA student aid in the Fall rather than in the new year. This will help families to determine how much they are willing to budget on college spending for their children. Salingo also gives four advice points for students in 12th grade, especially as will be applying by the November deadlines this month to colleges.

Salingo’s “words of wisdom” include:

  1. Research a variety of schools and include a “safety school” among the choices in order to give students a wide variety of options when going to college.
  2. Include both private and public colleges and universities in students’ college search that suit their lifestyle needs and career interests.
  3. Consider applying to community colleges if students are unsure of what they want to study before going into a four-year university.
  4. Keep all options open in terms of choosing a major to study as many students will change majors even within their first year in.


To read the full article, you can go to this link to the Washington Post.

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