10 Tips to Get into the College of Your Choice

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The college application process can be stressful enough. When you’ve got your sights set on getting accepted at your dream school, that stress can feel overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips that may increase your chances of acceptance and make the application process less daunting.

  1. Research your dream schools
    Take time to outline your goals in life and the reasons you want to attend a specific college or enroll in a program. Question whether that college will allow you to reach your goals. Talk to counselors, alumni and others to get useful information about the institution.
  2. Check admission requirements
    The earlier you gather information about a school’s admission requirements, the easier it will be for you to determine a plan of action. University websites and school officials provide the most relevant information.
  3. Make a plan and start early
    Start a comprehensive plan as early as your freshman year. This way, you can be sure to complete all the requirements, take the standardized admission tests and best utilize four years of high school. Stay organized with a folder or files specifically for your application progress. Be prepared for the rigors of AP classes by taking intensive prep courses.
  4. Focus on grades
    Grades play a crucial role in the admission process. Don’t be slack once you send in your applications. Work to get the best possible grades every semester during all four years.
  5. Be involved accordingly
    Colleges look for students who pursue activities in school or the community that demonstrate growth as well as leadership qualities. Pick a few extra-curricular activities you are passionate about.
  6. Enter competitions
    Essay competitions provide great practice for admissions essays. Math and science competitions help improve a student’s academic standing. Hone your skills with math challenges, math contest preparation or STEAM summer camps.
  7. Demonstrate interest
    Schools want students who want to be there. To increase the likelihood of being accepted, contact school representatives, visit campus, tour the school, schedule an interview. Note what makes you different or better than the rest.
  8. Do well on standardized tests
    During the pandemic, colleges and universities across the country made decisions to suspend the required submission of SAT and ACT scores for students. While some have decided to continue this practice through the 2021 school year, this is not likely to continue. Students who score well on these tests have a greater chance of getting accepted. Practice with a prep book or take a prep course.
  9. Write a great essay
    The personal essay can be one of the most daunting parts of a college application. In today’s academic environment, there’s more focus on the essay to show why a student would be well-suited for the college or program. Take time with your essay, keeping in mind that this is the best way to tell the college who you are and is likely the best way to show what sets you apart from others. Write about something that had a significant impact on your life or something for which you have great passion. It should be very thought out, well-written and engaging for the reader.
  10. Be well-prepared for the interview
    Be sure to have all the information necessary about the school and the program. Stay calm, present yourself well, and have a clear explanation for why you intend to join the particular program. If you can, get information from other students already enrolled and studying at the university.

While the process may be intense with all the requirements and deadlines, if you stay organized, prepare and take one step at a time you’ll be able to obtain good results. Areteem has witnessed many successful stories of students getting into their dream colleges. How can we help you?

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