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5 Reasons to Attend STEAM Camp

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Benefits Abound for Students

With summer upon us, finding a camp that offers an opportunity to learn and grow as well as have fun helps your child become more well-rounded and a lifelong learner. Attending a STEAM Camp offers a welcoming place where students are encouraged to think critically, test their knowledge, and take action. This helps them become a good global citizen who can pave a road to success. Here are 5 reasons to sign up for STEAM Camp 2021.

1.    Takes learning out of the classroom

Science, grammar, and engineering aren’t just subjects. During STEAM camp, lessons aren’t structured in a traditional way. Instead, through coding or web design, they learn by exploring these topics in a more natural way. Sessions are taught by professionals who have experience in the real world and know how these topics are applied within a STEAM career. Even if your child never becomes a programmer or engineer, the training they gain in a STEAM Camp helps them as an overall learner.

2.    Low pressure setting for academic success

A summer camp environment is a safe space where kids are encouraged and supported. It’s fun to learn and fun to be smart.  Children often feel more confident during camp and then take greater academic risks once they get back to school.

Research shows that students feel they get an opportunity and access to content, settings, and materials that most middle level students otherwise would not have access to.  

3.    Confidence builder

In addition to expanding a child’s horizons, STEAM Camp helps build confidence. When a student’s talents are challenged and they find success in their capabilities, this helps boost confidence levels. This is especially true for girls because boys are often more confident about math, science and engineering. During camp, girls meet other girls who are interested and/or do well in these subjects. Additionally, instructors nurture skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, which are incredibly important to these fields of study and research shows women excel in these skills.

STEAM Camp also builds confidence for underrepresented students or those with learning disabilities because they are able to explore their passions and express themselves outside the confines of the classroom and a set curriculum. 

4.    Develop social skills

Children discover peers who like many (or all) the same things they like. They also learn how to socially interact with one another despite their differences via teamwork projects and problem solving challenges. During a short period of time, children can grow their friendship circle and those friendships may carry through long after camp has concluded.

5.    Stops summer learning loss

Research shows children can forget up to two months of academic instruction over the summer. Programs that engage and keep kids active help them retain information and build upon their learning from the previous year. STEAM Camp provides the opportunity to focus on practical mathematics, writing, grammar, and more as well as the lively interaction with peers that kids crave during a school break. Areteem’s 2021 STEAM Summer Camps can be a great benefit to your elementary (grades 3-6) student. Sessions will be held IN-PERSON! Our esteemed instructors are college professors and professionals in STEAM careers who offer hands-on STEAM programs to engage students with fun projects that bring out creativity and motivate kids to build connections as they learn.

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