5 Tips for Self-Paced Courses

5 Ways to Maximize an Areteem Self-Paced Course

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Starting a new self-paced course can be scary. The whole course is available and it is up to you how to get started. The following tips can help students succeed and thrive in a self-paced course.

1.    Use Recorded Video Lectures to your Advantage

Areteem self-paced courses feature video recordings to get students started with the important concepts and cover example problems. Even if a student is already familiar with a topic, Areteem instructors add extra insight and discussion to topics to help keep students of all levels engaged.

Self-paced students should also take advantage of the portability of recorded video lectures. Pause the video lecture to try to solve an example question on your own before the instructor, rewind to review an important concept to make sure you understand it, and review difficult example questions on the go.

2.    Practice with Homework

A core part of learning mathematics is putting your knowledge to use solving problems. After students start to understand the main concepts and ideas of a topic, they need to start practicing with homework problems. Areteem self-paced courses feature a wide range of practice questions, from easy to hard, for each topic. Students need to test their knowledge by solving problems, including writing out their steps and reasoning.

Once a student completes homework, answers/solutions are available for them to check their work. However, there is not one method for solving each problem! Students should explore different techniques to solve a problem, ensuring they are comfortable with multiple approaches.

3.     Connect using the Online Discussion Forum

Stuck on a problem? Reach out for help! All self-paced students receive access to Areteem’s Online Discussion Forum, where they can discussion problems and concepts with other students, teachers, and staff. If you need a hint on a homework question or do not understand a step in a solution, ask for help!

4.  Plan and Schedule your Study

One of the main benefits of a self-paced course is that students have the freedom to work on it whenever they have time during their busy schedule. Nevertheless, it is important for students to plan time for their self-paced course. Too often, “I can work on it whenever I want” turns into “I never work on it”.

It is recommended that self-paced students set their own goals for completing the course. These goals can either be time based (I want to study X hours each week) or section based (I want to complete X sections of the course each month). Staying consistent is key!

5.    Review, Assess, and Continue Learning

Recorded video lectures and practice problems are not one time use! Students should periodically review old problems and concepts to make sure they still understand the material. Keeping organized notes and homework really helps with review later, whether it is during the course or later when you’re quickly reviewing for a contest or exam.

Learning is a Lifelong Journey

Students should also look for ways to continue practicing their new skills in other outlets. Math and science competitions can be good ways to apply your knowledge. Sites such as the Zoom International Math League (ziml.areteem.org) provide free practice questions and contest archives and are great resources for additional practice.

Finished with one course? Why not try another to keep learning. Areteem offers many self-paced courses at classes.areteem.org on a wide range of subjects. Check out the available courses today! Want some personalized help on what to take next? Reach out to our student service team at (949) 305-1705 or via email at info@areteem.org.

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