AMC 8 Five Week Prep Guide

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The 2020 AMC 8 opens on November 10th! In the five weeks before the exam there is still a lot students can do to maximize their score. For more information about the AMC 8 visit our “All You Need to Know” post here. Our 2020-21 Competition Calendar available here has important dates for STEM competitions this school year.

Practice Real Problems and Review

In the final weeks before the AMC 8, students should focus on reviewing old AMC 8 problems and strengthening the concepts and tricks from problems they struggle with.

Five Week Plan

By October 13th (Week 1):

The main goal this week is to start becoming more comfortable with the format of the AMC 8 and what types of problems you’ll encounter. While the early AMC 8 exams are typically a little easier than more recent years, they still provide a good idea of what types of problems to expect. Suggested this week:

By October 20th (Week 2):

The main goal this week is to start focusing on concepts and problem types you have difficulty with. Review the questions you get wrong and make sure you understand multiple ways to solve them. Suggested this week:

By October 27th (Week 3):

The main goal this week is to finalize the concepts, topics, and problem types you want to review more during the next two weeks. Include notes and references for which problems you want to review and any additional resources. Suggested this week:

By November 3rd (Week 4):

The main goal this week start the your final review! Use the notes and resources from before for reference on what to study. Suggested this week:

By November 10th (Week 5):

Time for the final review! The November Online ZIML Monthly Contest is a great way to experience an online competition before the AMC 8 Exam. The November contest is open Nov. 6th-8th. Suggested this week:

Most importantly, do your best on competition day! Hard work pays off and the competition is a great way to show how much you’ve improved along the way. Good luck everyone!

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