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ZIML Online Monthly Contests are back! Students in upper elementary school to high school can compete in one of five divisions to solve challenging math questions. Visit the Zoom International Math League site by clicking here for more information.

Learn your Strengths (and Areas for Improvement)

Problems in each division are organized into categories. For example, those competing in Division E solve problems in geometry, number sense, and word problems while competitors in Varsity solve problems in algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory.

Using the ZIML app, students can now see score breakdowns by subject. Results are available for single monthly contests or for multiple contests combined. This allows students to see which areas they should focus on for rapid improvement.

Number Sense needs some improvement!
Varsity is a difficult division!

Track your Progress over Time

The ZIML Monthly Contests are held the first weekend of every month during the school year. As such, they are a great way for students to continue improving throughout the school year. The new reports feature makes it easier than ever to see all your scores in one place.

With the ability to sort by time periods, the score report makes it convenient to see scores from all your monthly contest divisions.

History of Monthly Contest Scores

Practice Resources Available at your Fingertips

All the great practice resources you know and love from the ZIML site are also available in the app!

  • Daily Magic Spells: Keep your daily streak alive and join the Leaderboards by solving a free problem each day. Solutions are available the next day so check back often to learn and improve.
  • Monthly Contests: On the go? Using the ZIML app you can compete from anywhere.
  • Sample and Mock Exams: Access to hundreds of past problems for review.

Click below to download the ZIML app today!

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