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Looking back, my personal journey into teaching started with my peers. In middle school and early high school I was always happy to work in groups and help out when my friends had questions. By the end of high school I was tutoring and leading small study groups. My passion for math, science, and sharing knowledge only grew from there. I was very lucky to have supportive teachers and parents throughout middle and high school, but much of my journey to higher and competition math was self lead.

On of my main goals at Areteem Institute is to make sure supplemental math and science opportunities are available to students and that teachers, parents, and coaches are better able to inspire the next generation of STEM students. The Areteem Learning Ambassador Program is a great next step towards furthering this goal.

Learning Ambassadors: Mentoring and Outreach

Areteem Learning Ambassadors are upper high school or college students who have a strong STEM background and wish to share their knowledge with others. Ambassadors serve two main roles:

  • Mentoring: Strengthen the current community of Areteem students and alumni.
  • Outreach: Grow the Areteem community by sharing knowledge and passion with others.

As a mentor, learning ambassadors are assigned students who are working through Areteem’s self-paced curriculum. They check in with students to help plan a schedule for completing the course, make sure the students are completing homework, and help with questions. Mentors are role models, showing students that hard work pays off!

With outreach, learning ambassadors educate their local communities and expand participation in STEM activities. Whether they organize a local club to participate in the Zoom International Math League (ZIML) or inspire more students to join self-paced courses, a learning ambassador gets more people involved!

Becoming an Areteem Learning Ambassador

Our current ambassadors are off to a good start, but we are always looking for more people interested in sharing their passion as an Areteem Learning Ambassador!

Ambassadors can apply by filling out the Initial Application Form by clicking here. After an interview and training to confirm a good fit, ambassadors are matched with their first mentoring student.

Areteem Learning Ambassadors are paid a stipend for mentoring students. Students recruited to Areteem self-paced courses as part of outreach activities are then mentored by the ambassador (who is eligible for the stipend for that mentoring).

I’m excited to see the Areteem Learning Ambassador grow over the next few months and am looking forward to seeing more students inspired to excel in STEM! Please let us know if you have any questions at

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