L.A. Festival of Books 2015

L.A. Festival of Books 2015

Hello Book Lovers!

This past weekend on April 18th and 19th, our marketing team journeyed to the sunny campus of USC to take part in the 20th Annual Festival of Books hosted by the LA Times! We enjoyed meeting with all of the families who paid us a visit to our booth located along Child’s Way on the campus. There was so much to do and we were able to take some breaks to explore all that the festival had to offer which mainly included what the festival is known for… BOOKS! And there were a lot of them too!

Every area of the festival included so many booths where you could purchase books catering to any taste from the classics nerd to more indie fare as well as any variety of children’s and young adult literature to get the younger crowd interested in reading. There were even authors who came in person to sign their books and give talks about their most famous novels including Joyce Carol Oates, Chef Ludo Lefebvre and LeVar Burton, the creator of the “Reading Rainbow” TV series! Amidst the crowds and books, several stages highlighted local and more popular musical talent along with cooking demonstrations any foodie would have enjoyed! Finally, there were many exhibitors like us promoting their great programs to the attendees who came to enjoy a great weekend of good eating (the gourmet trucks in LA are fantastic!) and good reading.

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Take a look at our photo gallery below to see how much fun we had!



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The Ivy League Agenda – Taking the First Steps to Learning More

The Ivy League Agenda – Taking the First Steps to Learning More

So you want to get into an Ivy League? Find out more about the eight campuses in this article as well as the differences between how many students applied as compared to how many were accepted from this year to last year.  


  All high school students who excel in their academic studies want to eventually attend one of the most prestigious universities someday. They know that the years spent doing hours of homework to keep up with their classes, all of the activities and clubs they were involved in and all of the extra time they put in otherwise will help them not only in figuring out what their strengths lie in but also what kinds of careers they will eventually choose to pursue. To do this, they will need to find the right college campus for them to accomplish their goals, one that is known for its higher pursuit of education and one that will help them to land the jobs they want in their professional lives after college. That is why many students have and will continue to apply to the “best of the best” schools in our country- the so-called “Ivy League” schools.


Yes those monuments to education, that have stood the test of time and have a history of academic success. But where to begin to find out more about them? We know that our students who attend our classes and camps at Areteem Institute want to eventually be seated in one of these fine institutions, but where to start looking? So, in order to make it easier in your research, we compiled all of the websites on one page with some brief facts about each of the campuses, read on to find out more:


Brown UniveristyBrown University: https://www.brown.edu/

-#16 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: Providence, Rhode Island
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $47,434



Columbia Univeristy Columbia University: http://www.columbia.edu/index.html

-#4 tied with Stanford University and the University of Chicago on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: New York, New York
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $51,008



Cornell UniversityCornell University: https://www.cornell.edu/

-#15 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: Ithaca, New York
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $47,286



Dartmouth University Dartmouth University: http://dartmouth.edu/

-#11 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: Hanover, New Hampshire
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $48,108



Harvard Univeristy Harvard University: http://www.harvard.edu/

-#2 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $43,998



University of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Pennsylvania: http://www.upenn.edu/
-#8 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $47,668



Princeton UniversityPrinceton University: http://www.princeton.edu/main/

-#1 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: Princeton, New Jersey
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $41,820



Yale UniversityYale University: http://www.yale.edu/

-#3 on US News and World Report’s “National University Rankings”
-Location: New Haven, Connecticut
-Tuition for 2014-2015: $45,800



 Now let’s look at some statistics!


Comparing the class of 2018 and class of 2019 stats for admitted freshman from last fall 2014 and this fall 2015 respectively, there is a slight decrease in admitted students overall although each of the Ivy Leagues differ in this regard. To clarify, here is a run-down of the students who applied and were then admitted under early action or early decision applications from this year and last year. Keep in mind that the class of 2019 stats are still being calculated as not all of the Ivy Leagues have published this information yet.


Ivy League Schools Students Applied To More This Year than Last Year: Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn,
Ivy League Schools Students Applied To Less This Year than Last Year: Brown, Yale, Princeton


Ivy League Schools Students Were Admitted To More This Year than Last Year: Brown, Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton, Yale
Ivy League Schools Students Were Admitted To Less This Year than Last Year: Columbia, Cornell, Harvard


As these are the schools that are students strive to be accepted at, we feel here at Areteem Institute that it is important to provide as many resources as possible to our parents and to those who are interested in challenging their students more in academics. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our main website at www.areteem.org to learn how we can help you to excel through our courses and summer camp programs this year held on the campuses of UCLA, Boston College and the University of Chicago!


Sources Cited:




Another website to look and an inspiring story of one student’s success rate:

What Makes for a Successful Science Fair Exhibit?

What Makes for a Successful Science Fair Exhibit?

A behind-the-scenes look at what Judges deem important, as demonstrated at the L.A. Science Fair

LA Science Fair JudgeWith hundreds of exhibits from middle school & high school students it may be difficult to stand out amongst the innovative and visual displays at the 2015 L.A. Science and Engineering Fair. We have some insider recommendations from Areteem Institute’s own Director Ms. Kelly Ren, who was chosen as a Judge/Chair for Physics in the Junior division. “It takes more than a good presentation or idea to impress the judges. If a student is aiming for top awards there are first some basic guidelines to follow.” Ms. Kelly Ren explains that the judging is based on an average score derived from the following categories: Creativity (30 points), Scientific Thought OR Engineering Goals (30 points), Thoroughness (15 points), Skill (15 points), and Clarity (10 points). It’s easy for judges to see which students have actually learned from their projects and this is the prime goal and basis for success. Did the students take the time to actually understand their subject matter? Did they conduct the proper experiments to assess the issue or hypothesis? And most important, are the results accurate and clear?

Ms. Kelly Ren notes that “about 20-25% of participants actually get awarded, and these top performers usually have an original idea that the students have thoroughly understood and demonstrated in a professional manner to be correct and interesting.” In the junior physics category there were 39 projects entered with 1 1st place, 1 2nd place, 1 3rd place and 9 honorable mentions. The top awards for this event went to some very innovative and interesting exhibits, like: The Visualization of Sound, a presentation that uniquely showed how complex sound waves actually look, using sand spread patterns and even propane fueled flames that visually depict the sound waves. One other impressive exhibit was the Roller Coaster G’s, where a student not only passionately rode numerous roller coasters to gather data but took the time to explore the actual science behind the experiences.

Then there are the little things. Ms. Kelly Ren indicated that “although some presenters had a good exhibit, with solid supporting documentation, they could have gotten better scores by paying more attention to the little details, the simple things”. Many students have worked for months on their presentations and could have given better impressions by having a firm handshake or being professionally dressed. One thing that is hard to be taught but is probably the most important, in science fair exhibitions or even academic life in general, is to have a passion for the subject matter. Ms. Kelly Ren emphasizes “Know your subject matter and enjoy the experience of learning – success will follow”.

Junior Science Fair Winners

Visit the L.A. Science Fair Gallery

L.A. Science Fair March 2015 Gallery

L.A. Science Fair March 2015 Gallery

Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival of STEAM-antics goes under the Big Top for the first time!

This past weekend, March 27th and 28th, 2015 Areteem Institute was thrilled to be a part of our first Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair! As an exhibitor we premiered our wonderful “Dr. A.R. Teem’s Carnival of STEAM-antics” interactive booth, complete with four “attractions” under a “Big Top” tent and our colorful costumed staff acting as different carnival performers! Students, parents and even educators came by to check out the “side shows” and other activities that were going on, including asking us about our three summer camp locations at UCLA, Boston College and the University of Chicago with camp brochures on hand to pass out to people. Each of the different attractions in fact represented particular aspects of our academic tracks at the summer camps with a focus on our subjects in science, technology, engineering and science fiction. Greeting people as they walked by our exhibit was our large K’nex roller coaster kit for students to try out as well as a large LCD screen to show students how our roller coaster software works. Students were asked how roller coasters function as well as shown demonstrations on how to use the software to design their own coaster tracks by our “roller coaster ride operator”. Next students played around in our futuristic robot world where the “Steampunk robot engineer” taught students how our motion-sensitive Lego MINDSTORMS robots. For our two “side shows” students were taken on a tour through OZ by one of its “citizens’ or “the Wizard of OZ” himself where they engaged in scientific experiments showcasing different aspects of nature and weather such as how a hot air balloon rises into the sky, how tornados form and how many colors are in a rainbow. Lastly, students ventured into the darkest part of our Big Top to help “Dr. Frankenstein” perform electrical experiments in his laboratory. Students were able to crank up his AC/DC generator as well as sparked life into a plasma ball to create electricity, learning about real-life inventors such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla from the 19th century.
Overall, we had a fun time and were able to speak with so many great students who were presenting their projects at the fair. We also met with a few of the other exhibitors who also came from a variety of backgrounds including SpaceX, NASA, the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, the Southwestern Herpetologists Society with their snakes and lizards on display, students from California State Los Angeles (CSULA)’s Eco Car 3 project, Deezmaker 3D Printers and Hackerspace, UCode: K-12 Coding Classes, the Orangutan Conservancy and the Planetary Society.
We hope to come back for another year as the carnival travels on to future events with Dr. A.R. Teem leading the way! Who knows, maybe the Big Top will come to your area soon! Check out our photo gallery to see where all the action was this past weekend, enjoy!

For anyone interested in having our carnival come to their next event, especially when in involves STEAM subjects for K-12 students, please let us know by phone at (949) 679-8989 or emailing us at info@areteem.org.

Enjoy the gallery below!


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