A Focus on the College Application Essay

A Focus on the College Application Essay

Recently, we came across an article published this week on Business Insider’s website by Yale graduate Abby Jackson, on the magazine’s education team, that highlights some key points from conversations on Reddit concerning the college application essay. Stacey Brook, founder of the company “College Essay Advisors”, answered some users’ questions about what they should focus on when writing the essay that asks “why” a student wants to attend the college they are writing the personal statement for. This article comes at an appropriate time as Jackson states, “The White House issued a presidential proclamation on Friday deeming November National College Application Month. As students work to finish their applications, many will struggle with how to approach their essay topics.”

One piece of advice of Brook’s that Jackson mentions:

“An effective answer to this question addresses two main areas: pointed interest and good fit. And it all begins with research!”

Brooks goes on to say that when students do their research on the colleges they are applying to that they should find reasons to explain literally why they want to attend. They should identify the kinds of activities and classes peak their interest and even professors they could potentially see themselves working with.

You can read the full set of conversations that Stacey Brook has with students on the Reddit site back starting around October 10th when she answers questions about the “Why Essays”.


Abby Jackson’s article “A college adviser explains the trick to nailing a particularly hard type of admissions essay” can be found on the Business Insider website.

What High School Seniors Should Consider When Applying to Colleges This November

What High School Seniors Should Consider When Applying to Colleges This November

We’re at the beginning of college admissions season for this year’s high-school seniors. One big change this fall is on the financial-aid front: Families can now file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA, as of October 1 — three months earlier than in previous years, and using their most recent tax returns.

~Salingo (writer, professor and visiting scholar)

Jeffrey J. Salingo’s recent article in the Washington Post entitled “As college admissions season begins, important advice for high-school seniors” highlights some major ideas for students to think when applying to college this year. One new feature that is available to families is now applying for the FAFSA student aid in the Fall rather than in the new year. This will help families to determine how much they are willing to budget on college spending for their children. Salingo also gives four advice points for students in 12th grade, especially as will be applying by the November deadlines this month to colleges.

Salingo’s “words of wisdom” include:

  1. Research a variety of schools and include a “safety school” among the choices in order to give students a wide variety of options when going to college.
  2. Include both private and public colleges and universities in students’ college search that suit their lifestyle needs and career interests.
  3. Consider applying to community colleges if students are unsure of what they want to study before going into a four-year university.
  4. Keep all options open in terms of choosing a major to study as many students will change majors even within their first year in.


To read the full article, you can go to this link to the Washington Post.

Areteem Directors Judging at the Intel ISEF Fair

ziml (4)LA Science Fair Judge

In May 2016, more than 1,700 students representing 75 countries, regions and territories will be in Phoenix, AZ for the Intel ISEF – to compete for more than $5 million in awards, scholarships, internships and prizes.  These high school students are the top winners of regional, state and national science fairs from around the United States and the world.

Areteem faculty members Dr. Kevin Wang and Ms. Kelly Ren have been chosen to be among the judges who will be supporting the young scientists of the Intel ISEF.  They will engage in meaningful discussions with the student finalists.  Judging is the single most important activity at the Intel ISEF and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, according to the judging committee.

The judges’ objective evaluation of projects is the most important aspect of the fair and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, according to the judging committee.

The judges’ objective evaluation of projects is the most important aspect of the fair and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, awards and scholarships.  Many people may not realize that Mathematics (Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Game Theory, Geometry and Topology, Number Theory and Probability and Statistics) is in fact one of the 22 major categories students are competing in.


We are looking forward to hearing Dr. Wang and Ms. Ren to share their insights and involvement at the Intel ISEF to our students at the Areteem summer camp.  Students will learn first-hand information as to what it takes to launch a winning project for prestigious Science fairs.

Areteem Institute’s Zoom International Math League

ziml (5)

The popularity of Math Competitions is rising, mainly due to the important role it plays in fueling student interest in the subject and other intellectual and academic pursuits, as well as building credibility for college applications. A well designed math competition is not just about developing speed and articulation in problem solving, it trains students to deal with real-life situations that test their decision-making abilities. The exposure with like-minded students also cultivates positive peer influence and team work.

ziml (7)

Areteem Institute is once again offering it’s prestigious ZIML (Zoom International Math League) to Middle and High School students during the summer at it’s camp locations. The online version of the ZIML which is held during the Fall season will be enhanced in the upcoming school year with more opportunities and a systematic tracking method for you to demonstrate your tracking record of math aptitude to the college admissions.

The locations and dates of the 2016 Summer ZIML extravaganza are as follows:

UCLA:  July 3, 2016

Bentley University:  July 24, 2016

Georgetown University:  August 7, 2016

Areteem Institute Supports the 2016 LA County Science and Engineering Fair!

lacsef (16)

A big Thank You to everyone who went to the 2016 LA County Science and Engineering Fair!

Areteem Institute, together with other notable organizations like SpaceX, continue to support the young scientists of the LA County Science and Engineering Fair, held at the Pasadena Convention Center.

We enjoyed having you at our booth and taking part in our hands on activities and stimulating mind games!

lacsef (14)

Getting to know the talented student participants has been the highlight of our weekend.

The investigative skills, creativity and enthusiasm of these future innovators are the attributes that we develop in our summer camps.  Areteem Institute continues to cultivate student interest and talents in project-oriented research, STEM careers and profound discussions about science fiction.


We are looking forward to seeing you all this summer in one of our 4 locations: UCLA, Georgetown University, Bentley University and San Diego!