Robotics and Math

Robotics and Math

The Rise of the Machines

You may not know this but the exciting field of robotics incorporates mathematics as its core. For example, if a robot travels around a room, it actually uses various sensors that turn measurements into numbers. A robot can then perform multiple functions with ease. So if a robot wants to avoid hitting an obstacle, the robot must recalculate the distance to figure out where to move next. This action follows the formula that speed equals distance divided by time. Furthermore, if a robot with elbow joints needs to reach out for a cup of coffee it uses trigonometry to calculate the angles at its joint and the length that its arm needs to bend.

In our world today, the demand for math in the workplace is increasing at an accelerated rate. We at Areteem therefore prove great opportunities for students who excel in mathematics and we are proud to promote the study of mathematics and all it offers to our next generation of leaders and innovators.

Here is a video of a new version of the Boston Dynamics Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects. This version of Atlas is about 5′ 9″ tall (about a head shorter than the DRC Atlas) and weighs 180 lbs.

Since 2007, Areteem Institute has been dedicated to providing a unique math based summer camp experience for students around the world in middle school and high school. We help to grow the leaders of tomorrow in recognizing how they can achieve success in their own lives and in their academic studies. Students who have been involved in Areteem’s Summer Camps have gone to become accepted in some of the best universities in the country and have become successful throughout their professional careers.

UCLA Summer Camp 2015

UCLA Summer Camp 2015

School’s out for summer and we at Areteem are spending it at camp – this time around at UCLA, the first of our three camps!

Take a look at all of the exciting activities our students have been involved in for the past couple of weeks including fun math and science classes, design workshops, outdoor recreation, talks with our instructors and great field trips.

We celebrated the 4th of July at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena enjoying the spectacular fireworks show.

We hope this encourages you to check our summer camps for next year. Next we are off to Boston College and the University of Chicago!

Girls Can Geek Out with a GEAC-y Camp!

Girls Can Geek Out with a GEAC-y Camp!

Embrace your inner “geek” at a summer camp all about math problems, science experiments and good reading!

Alright, let’s say you know a middle school girl who fits the following description, or are this girl herself…

Amongst your friends, you actually get a kick out of solving math problems in school  and have even participated in a heavy-duty math competition like MathCounts, the AMC 8 or even went with your school team to a Math Field Day. You are active in the theater whether it is in dance, choir or drama and love being in the spotlight every time you are on stage. Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, Manga or Chess clubs sound interesting to you. You may also be a girl who spends months planning and creating a unique science project that will be displayed at your county Science Fair or Science Olympiad, or even be an avid book worm who dreams of competing in the National Spelling Bee someday, just like the one that aired last night.

You may feel that there is no one else like you and that you are what some call a “geek”. But do not fear,  you are not the only “geeky girl” out there…

In response to the growing need to help guide young girls who are talented in school, Areteem Institute has decided to open a brand-new camp created by geeky girls for geeky girls!

Introducing GEAC, or Girls Excel Academically – Cool!, a camp open to all middle school girls from ages 12 to 14 years that will be part of the Areteem UCLA Summer Camp Program from June 21 to July 10, 2015. Girls will be given the chance to explore all of their interests in the STEAM subjects, the acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics, and come away begging to learn more!

GEAC provides a nurturing and supportive environment led by Areteem Director Ms. Kelly Ren, a former IBM design engineer, along with her faculty of all female professionals to help guide young girls to develop their interests into passions. Girls will be engaged in fun hands-on activities where they will work together on small projects geared towards their specific interests. The camp will ultimately help spark an interest or better prepare them to compete in many academic competitions with an array of workshops and guided discussions. Campers will also have the chance to explore UCLA and embark on our weekly field trips to amusement parks and local tourist attractions around southern California!

So don’t be left out wondering what you will do this summer, come and join the GEAC camp at the UCLA Summer Camp Program brought to you by Areteem Institute.

To find out more about Areteem Institute and the GEAC camp, check out our website at!




OC Math Field Day 2015

OC Math Field Day 2015

Students Enjoy a Fun Day of Math Competitions

Math Contestants from all over OC flocked to the annual OC Math Field Day event last weekend on May 16, 2015! This day of exciting competitions, held on the campus of Westminster High School, allowed fourth to sixth grade students who had been selected by their schools to compete head-to-head in different categories related to mathematics. Each school invited around 12 students per grade level to represent their school.
Our educational outreach crew at Areteem Institute joined in on the fun to experience all that the day had to offer! Our booth was centrally located where all of the parents and teachers set up their tents and provided much needed treats and refreshment to the hungry contestants between competitions. We were also able to view all of the great posters that each school had contributed, relating to this year’s theme of “Livin’ the Math Dream in 2015”. Students who visited our booth in the morning were delighted by the unique hands-on STEM projects that we brought to the event based on our “Carnival of STEAM-antics” that was a hit at this year’s LA County Science and Engineering Fair!

In the afternoon we moved indoors to the campus gym and took part in the event known as the “Rubik’s Cube Challenge”. A handful of schools participated where they had to quickly solve the puzzling Rubik’s Cube in the fastest amount of time…and believe us those fingers were flying! The event closed with the Awards Ceremony where we had the privilege of awarding medals to all of the winners. School teams were awarded from sixth place to first place based on the categories involved in the competition which included: Algebraic Thinking, Number Operations, Data Analysis, Geometry and Measurement. At the end of the day, every student received a goodie bag from us to take home, what a day! It was a great opportunity to network with OC parents and educators and we thank the Orange County Math Council for having us sponsor the event for another year in a row!

Take a look at our photo gallery to see all that went down!


A Good Time Was Had By All at the LA Math Field Day 2015

A Good Time Was Had By All at the LA Math Field Day 2015

For the 400 plus participants who made the trek to Glendale on Saturday April 25th, to compete in the 2015 LACOE Math Field Day, the day was a huge success. After the stress of the morning sessions the students were treated to some educational fun and games thanks to the hard work of the Areteem Institute and the dozens of volunteers who put on the Second Annual STEM Festival.

STEM subjects were presented to students in a variety of fun new ways.






Like the Cooking Demonstration put on by real Chefs.





Or the a Space and Robotics demonstration where the students got up close and personal with robots that could one day roam the surface of Mars.


All told the students were treated to nearly a dozen exhibits proving that STEM can be FUN!

If you want to experience what a STEM festival is like, check out the OC Math Field Day later this month as Areteem takes learning on the road on more time! AND if you want a truly immersive experience our STEM based Summer Camps still have openings. Go to for more details.