2020 AIME and USA(J)MO Move Online

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Today the MAA announced on their math competitions website two online competitions coming this summer:

  • AOIME (American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam) on June 6th
  • USO(J)MO (United States Online (Junior) Mathematical Olympiad) on June 19th-20th

More details are available below. This page will be updated as more information is known.


When: The AOIME will be administered from 1:30pm-5:30pm Eastern Time / 10:30am-2:30pm Pacific Time on Saturday, June 6th.

Who: The AOIME will be open to all students who qualified for the AIME I and/or AIME II this spring. Note: Students who took the AIME I in March are eligible to also compete in the AOIME.

How: Students taking the exam will be contacted by their local competition managers with information for taking the exam.

  • Students should receive their Unique ID and their school’s CEEB Code from their competition manager. This information can be used to register for the AOIME at this link.
  • Once registered, students will have access to a practice exam to get familiar with the online testing system.
  • Students must be proctored by an adult and electronic aids (including calculators) are not permitted.
  • On testing day, the full 3 hour exam must be completed within the testing window. Thus all exams must be submitted by 5:30pm Eastern Time / 2:30pm Pacific Time on June 6th.


When: The USO(J)MO will be administered on Friday, June 19th and Saturday June 20th.

Who: Students qualify for the USO(J)MO based on their AOIME scores (and, when applicable, AIME I scores). Qualifying scores will be announced after the AOIME is held. Students with both an AIME I and AOIME score can qualify with either score. A hypothetical example can be found on the MAA website here.

How: Qualified students taking the exam will be contacted by their local competition managers with information for taking the exam.

Preparation Resources

For Online Workshops, Review Recordings and Self-Paced Preparation, visit the AIME Prep page on the classes.areteem.org site by clicking here.

For additional math competition practice, join the Zoom International Math League at ziml.areteem.org. ZIML features free daily practice problems (Daily Magic Spells), monthly contests, and problem archives for math competitions. Click here for the AIME Exam Archive.

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