2020 Online ZIML Convention Team Brain Potion Released

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With the 2020 Online ZIML Convention moving online (learn more about convention by clicking here) certain aspects of the competition have needed to change.

We’re still able to give students the opportunity to compete in timed competitions with multiple rounds and attend a (virtual) awards ceremony with cash prizes.

Other activities, such as a team round and team poster competition, are harder to replicate online.

To give students a chance to work in small groups and learn more about a new topic in math, we added the Team Brain Potion Contest to the online convention this year.

There are two levels in this year’s Brain Potion Contest:

  • Division M: Covering an introduction to Taxicab Geometry and an introduction to metrics
  • Division H: Covering an introduction to groups using symmetry of polygons

For an introduction to the concepts covered, check out seminars on each topic from our online summer camp!

Introduction to the Division M Team Brain Potion topic with Mr. John
Introduction to the Division H Team Brain Potion topic with Dr. Wang

The Team Brain Potion question are releasing today (August 7th, 2020) and are due next Friday on August 14th before the Online ZIML Convention starts.

To get access to these questions as well as the full Online ZIML Convention, join today on the ZIML Site. Click here for more information and to register!

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