2020 Online ZIML Convention Winners!

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On Friday August 14th, 2020 the Zoom International Math League and Areteem Institute held the 2020 Online ZIML Convention.

Individual Competition

Students competed with two individual rounds:

  • Individual Round 1: 20 multiple choice questions over 45 minutes
  • Individual Round 2: 5 numerical answer questions over 25 minutes

Round 1 was worth 40 points (2 points per question) and Round 2 was worth 20 points (4 points per question). A student’s total score was the sum of both rounds.

We’re exited to announce the winners! 1st place won a prize of $200, 2nd place a prize of $100, and 3rd place a prize of $50.

Division E

  1. Jeremy Yang (Grade 5) from Maryland
  2. Benjamin J (Grade 4) from Florida
  3. Samuel Ding (Grade 5) from North Carolina

Division M

  1. Kale Chen (Grade 8) from Texas
  2. Oliver Zheng (Grade 8) from California
  3. Sophia Zhang (Grade 6) from Texas

Division M was a very close contest. We’d like to acknowledge the following honorable mentions: Andrew B, Ivy G, Yunyi L, Stephen Z, Tiger Z, Sophia Z, and Ryan Z.

Division H

  1. Allen Yang (Grade 9) from Maryland
  2. Anna Liu (Grade 9) from California
  3. Daniel Xu (Grade 10) from California

Congrats to all the winners! Statistics, including overall averages and averages for each question are available in a PDF file by clicking here. Students who competed in the contest can review both rounds on the convention page. They will have access to their score as well as full solutions for all the questions.

Team Brain Potion

In addition to the individual competition, students in groups of up to 5 students were able to compete in a written team competition before the start of the convention. More information about the Team Brain Potion Contest, including an introduction to the topics, is available here. There were two levels for the Team Brain Potion Contest.

Division M

The Division M Team Brain Potion Contest covered Taxicab Geometry and an introduction to metrics. Students were challenged to explore a different way to measure the distance between two points and how this affects some standard geometric concepts. They were then introduced to the idea of “distance” between arbitrary objects, in this case binary bytes. The full Division M task is available by clicking here.

The standout submission came from an individual, Sophia Zhang, congrats! Sophia’s submission will be available online soon!

Division H

The Division H Team Brain Potion Contest covered symmetry and an introduction to groups. Students were challenged explore symmetries of regular polygons and explain how composing these symmetries works. They were then introduced to the more general idea of a permutation group and explored how to compose different permutations. The full Division H task is available by clicking here.

The standout submission came from the team consisting of Andrew Pu, Benjamin Yi, Daniel Xu, Jiasheng Zhou, and Konnie Duan, congrats! The teams submission will be available online soon!

2020-2021 ZIML School Year

Stay tuned at ziml.areteem.org for upcoming events, including the return of the ZIML Monthly Contests for the 2020-21 school year! Until then, check out the free Daily Magic Spells and contest archives to keep practicing!

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