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New Online Learning Option: Guided Study Groups from Areteem

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In these hectic and fast-paced times, students deserve the flexibility to learn in different ways. At Areteem we strive to accommodate different learning styles and busy schedules while they continue their math and science education.

What is a Guided Study Group?

Starting this summer, we’ll be offering students a new way to learn from our Math Challenge books and video lectures in Guided Study Groups.

Guided Study Groups are broken down by levels and topics. For example, a beginning student who wants to improve their geometry and begin preparing for the AMC 8 math contest could join the Math Challenge I-A study group. In this study group, a student would have access to the Math Challenge I-A Geometry textbook as well as accompanying video lectures (similar to a self-paced course).

The key benefit of a Guided Study Group, however, is the support provided along the way. Each week, students will:

  • Complete assigned chapters in the textbook, including assigned homework problems which they will submit online.
  • Receive graded homework feedback from instructors including tips on how to improve.
  • Participate in the Online Discussion Forum to ask and answer questions about the material covered that week.
  • Join and discuss homework problems during online office hours and study sessions.

In this way, these groups provide students the flexibility they need to learn when it is convenient to them, while providing the structure and support needed to stay focused and on track. Further, students cover the material at a quicker pace than in a normal live course, allowing them to improve rapidly.

Summer 2020 Guided Study Groups

Over the course of 5 weeks this summer (July 13th – August 14th), students can join Math Challenge Guided Study Groups covering material ranging from middle school problem solving and introduction to math competitions such as AMC 8 up to material covering advanced math competition knowledge needed for AIME, USA(J)MO, and Math Olympiads. Subjects vary by level, but typically cover algebra, geometry, counting and probability, and number theory.

For a complete list of levels and available topics and registration, visit the Guided Study Groups page on our classes site by clicking here.

Other Online Learning Options from Areteem

  • 2020 Online Summer Camp: For intensive preparation this summer focused on problem solving and math competition preparation, join our 4 Week Online Summer Camp from June 15th to July 10th. Registration for each week is separate, with each week covering a different topic. More information about the 2020 Online Summer Camps is available by clicking here.
  • Live Online Courses: Our year-round live courses provide a systematic learning environment for students with weekly live meetings (held online) and homework. Live courses are perfect for students who want to build a strong, long-term foundation and have a longer time period to improve. The Summer 2020 term starts June 1st. More information about Live Online Courses is available by clicking here.
  • Self-Paced Courses: For the independent student who wants to study and improve at their own pace, our self-paced courses give students the freedom to learn when and where they want. Video lectures, practice problems with full solutions, and discussion forums give students all they need to succeed. More information about Self-Paced Courses is available by clicking here.
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