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Benefits of Attending Math Summer Camp

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Summer vacation can be a “brain drain” for kids who aren’t kept engaged and active. Research shows students lose approximately 2.6 months of math knowledge over the summer due to the fact that many students (and their parents) don’t think about math as existing outside of the classroom. This leaves teachers in the position of having to make up for that loss in the fall.

A summer math camp can keep these children from falling behind. Additionally, for children who love math and envision a STEM career, dedicating a few weeks of summer to focus on enhancing problem solving, analytical, and research skills, can be life altering. Here are some other benefits of attending summer math camp:

Learning is fun

Instead of sitting at a desk for hours with a strict curriculum and repetitive lessons, kids engage in activities and games that teach them how math applies to many real-world situations. Because sessions are taught by professionals in STEM careers, these instructors have experience understanding how mastering fun puzzles or word problems actually applies in the working world. Even if a child never goes into a STEM career, the insight they gain during camp helps them as an overall learner.

Develop social skills

Math camp is often the first time children discover peers who also love all the challenges posed by mathematics. During camp, they learn how to socially interact with one another and work together. These new friendships may endure long after camp has concluded and become a basis of a network they tap during college and beyond.

Learn resilience

Kids who attend summer camp are thrown into new situations, with new people, and asked to accomplish new tasks. During their math classes, they will be faced with problems that they may not be able to solve right away, or at all. These situations allow students to gain a valuable life skill as they learn how to cope with these challenges.

Build confidence

Children are put into situations where they have to work with people who are strangers from the start. Activities challenge them and their talents get tested. Campers also participate in advanced math contests and competitions, such as Zoom International Math League (ZIML). When they find success, this helps boost confidence levels. With skilled instructors encouraging students to find the best in themselves, there’s nothing better than accomplishing something that they were sure they could not do.  

Sparks a passion

Because camp seems more like weeks of fun rather than learning, it broadens a student’s horizons. Kids often walk away with a greater appreciation and interest in math, better problem-solving skills, and confidence in facing academic challenges. It can trigger a life-long interest in mathematics.

Additionally, campers who have been very successful in advanced math contests and competitions will find it helps set them apart in college applications and career advancement. By reaching their highest potential and achieving outstanding performance on one or more of these contests, students demonstrate their passion and competency to top college admission officers.

Areteem Math Summer Camps

Areteem’s Math Summer Camps are the place for middle school and high school students to expand their problem-solving skills and learn advanced techniques. Our esteemed instructors are college professors and professionals in STEM careers who engage students with fun projects. 

The primary focus of the Areteem program is to stimulate interest and cultivate the passion for mathematics; to develop problem solving, analytical and creative thinking skills; to build a solid foundation in the core competency and well-rounded soft skills for pursuing higher level study and careers in mathematics, physical sciences, engineering and technology.

Each summer camps are located on college campuses throughout the United States. A version is also held online via Zoom. Each camp features problem solving in algebra, geometry, counting & probability, and number theory. Each subject will have levels for students of different grades and ability levels, ranging from middle school to advanced high school math. Enroll your child today!

Visit our Math Summer Camps page for the latest information.

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