New Math Resources!

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Beyond all of the great programs that are offered at Areteem Institute, we also strive to help new and prospective students’ families to locate different options in terms of stimulating and improving their children’s education in mathematics.

As such, STEM Village has provided this year’s listing of their “Top Ten Math Learning Resources” specifically for digital learning. Areteem already includes among its programs online interactive and self-paced courses, competitions and math problem solving but these can also add to a student’s experience as well.

STEM Village is a virtual career guidance center that helps provide the knowledge and resources to families of students interested in STEM subjects in school and helping them to realize the kinds of STEM careers these students may wish to pursue after attending college.

You can take a look at all of the 10 learning websites that STEM Village has provided at the following link for more information:

STEM Village’s “Top Ten Best Math Learning Resources” by Erin Carmody

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