3 Activities for Summer and Winter Camp Students Enjoy the Most

Sometimes the best feedback comes directly from the students; there’s no better feeling we get in the Areteem office than to hear or read positive commentary directly from a student. It’s one of the reasons we strive to be the best we’re at, and we’re happy to pass on what students enjoy the most in our summer and winter camps. Here are 3 specific subjects students enjoy the most at our camps and what you can expect when it comes to enrolling your student.

Cryptography at Summer Camp

Cryptography is hailed as one of the students’ favorite activities. The activity is usually structured around developing an encoded message that requires algebra, geometry, and difficult problem solving in order to crack secret messages that are developed by our instructors. It’s also typically wrapped within a fun story so the students enjoy cracking codes while pretending to be agents on a secret mission.

 Algebra is Actually Fun for Students!

You’d be surprised at the depth of problem solving some of the students go to during camp. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from students that they enjoyed the algebraic portions of the program, where students take known numbers, unknown variables, and common properties to identify unknowns in order to simplify complex formulas and equations. Multiple minds thinking together is always better than minds thinking alone!

The Zoom International Math Competition

What better way to enjoy math than compete with others? During camp, students can compete in exciting math competitions that test their ability to produce answers in a very limited amount of time. These competitions are great for everyone, and even though there’s always a first place, everyone wins because take away something from each math competition every time.

If you’d like to take a  look at our various summer camp courses, or to check out what ZIML has to offer in terms of math competitions, please check out our main website. We’d love to hear from you.

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