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3 Reasons Why a Math Curriculum is Entirely Important in Real-World Application

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Some students (and parents too!) often wonder how a proper math curriculum can help them in real-world application. Well, Areteem is here to dispel a lot of myths that math isn’t applicable, and you’d be surprised to hear the ways people use math every day!

The Math That Matters the Most

It’s often overlooked, but math plays an integral part in managing finances! Businesses and smart individuals use budgeting programs that handle profit and loss metrics, percentages, and even fractions! Being able to apply mathematical concepts learned in a math curriculum onto personal and professional finances is incredibly important to make a living. And who said math isn’t necessary?

Math in the Kitchen!

Measurements galore! If you’re heavily into culinary arts, math is centric to adding the proper amount of ingredients and ensuring whatever you’re cooking is brought to the right temperature. Most of the time you’ll be working with fractions (we like 2/3 of a stick of butter over 1/3), but they’re still heavily important in concocting the best kind of dishes.

Become a Popular Calculator!

Sometimes, the most difficult math problems hit us when we’re at the restaurant table. Sally shared a salad with Jim, so they owe half of 9 dollars, while Mike didn’t tip last meal so he owes and extra 3 bucks on top of his steak. Jean is picking up Jacob’s meal so she owes 21 dollars, and Steve gets his meal for free because he complained about a hair in it. Suddenly we have the biggest math conundrum, and if you practice mental math enough these monstrous split checks won’t be a problem for you. Plus, being able to calculate the tip on the fly saves you time from busting out the calculator just to figure how much you owe for tip.

These are the most practical applications for math that you’ll find in a math curriculum, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite when you can calculate the bill on the fly!

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