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Did you know Areteem has math textbooks?

Whether you are in elementary school, middle school or high school, we have a book for you! Dive deeper with Areteem! Check out our book store at https://areteem.org/bookstore

Here you will find an assortment of books that take math to the next level! It is time to go above and beyond with mathematical problem solving and give yourself a challenge!

One of our most popular books is “Cracking the High School Math Competitions.” In this book you will learn mathematical concepts that prepare you to compete in major mathematics competitions. This book covers topics in Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics, and Number Theory at the high school level. With this book you will cover required concepts taught in high school and on the SAT/ACT.

Have you heard about our book titled “Mathematical Wisdom in Everyday Life” or “Geometry Problem Solving for Middle School”? These two books are for middle schoolers from 6th to 8th grade! They dive deep into geometry topics and practice the application of the arithmetic in real-world scenarios for middle school students to master the common core standards. The books also help go in-depth with conceptual level understanding, critical thinking and problem solving.

Another one of our notable textbooks is titled “Fun Math Problem Solving for Elementary School.” This textbook is for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Students engaging in this textbook will come across complex math concepts through fun and interactive approaches. They will have to solve math riddles, puzzles, magic tricks, cartoon drawings, jokes and real-life scenarios! This is a great supplemental book for students who want to dive deeper into mathematics. Not only does it go over topics in school but it explains the reasoning and the “why” of common math subjects.

Some other notable textbooks are “ZIML Math Competition Book Division M 2016-2017” and “ZIML Math Competition Book Jr Varsity 2016-2017.” These questions found on the ZIML competitions are meant to test your problem solving skills and train you to apply the knowledge you know too many different applications.


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