Math Prize for Girls All you Need to Know

Math Prize for Girls: All you need to know

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What is the Math Prize for Girls Contest?

The Math Prize for Girls contest is a numerical answer math competition held each fall on the MIT campus for middle school and high school girls who do well on the AMC 10 and 12 competitions and apply to participate. You can visit the official Math Prize for Girls Page by clicking here.

Key Information:

  • The competition is open to female students who have not graduated high school or started college and are residents of the US or Canada.
  • Students must apply to compete in the competition (deadline is early summer).
  • The top 300 applicants (based on AMC 10 and 12 scores) are invited to compete in the contest.
  • The contest is held each fall in person on the MIT campus.
  • The test has 20 numerical questions with a time limit of 2.5 hours.
  • Each question is worth 1 point. No partial credit is given.
  • Top scores are awarded with cash prizes.
  • The questions test knowledge in algebra, geometry, counting and probability, and number theory. The test covers material typically covered in high school math, including concepts in trigonometry, complex numbers, and logarithms.
  • Questions are meant to be challenging and test students on advanced topics and problem solving. Calculus is not required for the exam, but sometimes methods in calculus can be used to solve problems.
  • No calculators are allowed on the test.

Qualifying for Math Prize for Girls:

Applicants for the contest must include their official AMC 10 and/or 12 scores from the previous year’s contest. The top 300 applicants (based on the AMC 10 and/or 12 scores) are invited to compete in the contest.

The cutoffs for invitation vary from year to year, but are typically a few points above the score needed to qualify for AIME. Learn more about the AMC 10/12 competitions and qualifying for AIME by clicking here.

Why participate in Math Prize for Girls?

Because only the top students are invited to participate, students who participate in Math Prize for Girls stand out on college applications, especially to top colleges. Participating also gives students a chance to visit the MIT campus and meet peers from across the United States during the contest and other planned activities. Plus, students have a chance at winning cash prizes!

How to Prepare:

The easiest way to prepare is to practice solving old Math Prize for Girls Problems.

  • Archived Exams: Old exams are available on the official Math Prize for Girls page.
  • Preparation Courses: Areteem preparation courses, such as the annual 8 Week Sprint Course, help students with final preparation and include old exam problems for practice.

Areteem provides many programs that help students build the foundation and problem solving skills to succeed on the AIME. Click the links below to visit Areteem’s classes site for:

  • Live Online Classes and Self-Paced Online Classes: Year-round courses that systematically build knowledge and problem solving skills in Algebra, Geometry, Counting & Probability, and Number Theory.
    • Math Challenge III is recommended for students preparing for Math Prize for Girls.
    • Students who wish to improve their AMC 10 & 12 scores to qualify for Math Prize for Girls should also consider the Math Challenge II-A and II-B courses.
  • Summer Camps and Winter Camps: Onsite camps that provide intensive training that is both fun and challenging for students. Camps are a great way to make new friends, learn new math, and have fun over summer and winter breaks!
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