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Dr. Kevin Wang

Dr. Kevin Wang, Areteem Institute Director as well as Math  Zoom Academy Director and Head Coach since  2006. 

Dr. Kevin Wang is a former China Team member for the  International Olympiad. Dr. Wang was the top scorer in China in  AMC and AIME, and the winner of multiple national & international  contests in math and science in China. He holds a Ph.D. in  Mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University, and worked  as a faculty member in Mathematics at UC Irvine and UCLA. Dr.  Wang also has broad experiences in industry, working at  technology and media corporations such as Oracle and News Corp.  Dr. Wang was invited to teach at the MOSP (Mathematical Olympiad  Summer Program), an all-expense-paid program, and only the top  50 participants of the USAMO are chosen to attend. The 6 members  of the IMO team for USA are selected from MOSP participants. Dr.  Wang is a member of the AMC Advisory Board. Dr. Wang is also an  AMC test problem reviewer and USA(J)MO grader. He has coached  many students who eventually reached the very top of the major  competitions

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Dr. Harold Reiter

Dr. Harold B. Reiter, University of North Carolina,  Charlotte. Math Zoom Summer Camp Faculty since 2007. 

Dr. Harold B. Reiter is a Professor of Mathematics at the University  of North Carolina at Charlotte. He chaired the American  Mathematics Competitions AHSME Committee from 1993 to 2000.  He has been the state director of the AMC for North Carolina since  1979.

He currently serves on the College Board's College-Level  Examination Program (CLEP) Pre Calculus Mathematics Committee;  chairs the MAA's Edith May Sliffe Award Committee. He is a former  chair and member of the MATHCOUNTS Question Writing  Committee; former member of AIME and USAMO committees,  former chair of SAT II Test Development Committee with ETS;  holds numerous awards and honors, and has written articles for a  variety of publications. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from  Clemson University.

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Dr. Paul Dreyer

Dr. Paul Dreyer, RAND Corporation. Areteem Institute Faculty and Math Zoom Year Round and Summer Camp Faculty since 2007. 

Dr. Paul Dreyer is a mathematician at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA. At RAND, Dr. Dreyer uses mathematical  modeling techniques on a wide variety of military, energy, and  security issues. He received his Ph.D in mathematics from Rutgers  University in 2000, writing his dissertation on the applications of  graph theory to problems in facilities placement, modeling opinion  formulation in groups, and methods to speed up searches through  protein sequence databases. In addition to his work at RAND, Dr.  Dreyer serves as the Western Site Coordinator for the American  Regions Mathematics League, a national math contest for high  school students, and also serves on the question writing  committee. Dr. Dreyer has taught courses in the electrical  engineering department at UCLA and is also a professor at the  Pardee RAND Graduate School, teaching a mathematics course for  public policy students. Dr Dreyer also teaches at Math Zoom Year-round programs.

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John Lensmire

John Lensmire, Areteem Institute Curriculum and Instruction Director and faculty since 2015. 

John Lensmire is the Curriculum Director at Areteem Institute. He started as a camp counselor and instructor at Areteem's 2015 summer camp programs and quickly progressed to his current position where he teaches in Areteem's year-round class and camp programs and is mainly in charge of creating new curriculum materials to support these programs. Along with academic director Dr. Kevin Wang, John contributed to the publication of Areteem's first curriculum book this year in 2016, "Cracking the High School Math Competitions". John received his Masters of Arts in Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2015 and his B.A in Mathematics with high distinction and a Minor in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2010. He was involved as a teaching graduate assistant in mathematics at all of the universities he studied at and also taught students who participated in the Los Angeles Math Circle during his graduate studies at UCLA. In 2011, he participated in a Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science held in Dortmund, Germany. John also was in the 11th percentile in North America for the Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition.

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Kelly Ren

Kelly Ren, Areteem Institute Director and Math Zoom Academy and Kiddie Techie faculty since 2007. 

Kelly Ren is the Program Director and Math Coach at Math Zoom Academy.  Ms. Ren has a B.S. degree in Physics, and a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Her professional career began as a design engineer at IBM. Her visionary and leadership skills led her to positions in business and management in high tech, software and financial services companies. Ms. Ren discovered her passion in human development and education, after the birth of her daughter. Along with Dr. Wang, she started a technology based enrichment program called  Kiddie Techie, which rapidly grew to become a successful program in schools, school districts and community enrichment programs in Southern California. Along with her responsibilities as Program Director of Math Zoom Academy, Ms. Ren began teaching Math Zoom courses after substituting for Dr. Wang and realized her true calling in working with and engaging the interests of younger students. Her logical and clear instruction has resulted in both parents and students coming back for more.  Kelly was recently chosen as chair/judge for physics at the 2015 L.A. County Science and Engineering Fair.

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Dr. Mihaela Vajiac

Dr. Mihaela Vajiac, Areteem Institute Faculty since 2008 and  Math professor at Chapman University. 

Dr. Vajiac has a long history of participating math contests in middle school and high school, and won various prizes at the National Contests and Olympiads in Mathematics in Romania. Dr.  Vajiac has a PhD in Mathematics from Boston University,  specializing in Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Algebraic  Geometry, Symplectic Geometry, Integrable Systems and  Geometric PDEs.

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David Reynoso

David Reynoso, Instructor and Curriculum Specialist since 2016.

David Reynoso is a dedicated educator and works as an academic specialist developing our math curriculum. He received his Masters in Mathematics from the University of Maryland- College Park and his Bachelors in Mathematics from the University of Guanajuato. While at the University of Maryland, he was a Graduate Teaching Assistant and involved in many courses including teaching and tutoring in College Algebra and Trigonometry, Probability and Elementary Mathematical Models. As an undergraduate student, he was also a teaching assistant at the University of Guanajuato and tutored K-12 students online for three years in mathematics. In the Summer of 2010, he was involved in the summer research program in molecular biology held at the University of Texas at Dallas. Back in middle school he won the Silver medal twice in the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad. We hope that you have the opportunity to take his classes!

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Lucas Orona

Lucas Orona, Mathematics and Physics Instructor since 2016.

Lucas Orona is our newest instructor for the Physics courses and we are happy to have such as talented and motivated teacher on board. He is currently a PhD candidate in Physics at Harvard University and received his Bachelors in Physics at MIT. He is currently researching experimental condensed matter physics at Harvard, expanding upon his research as an undergraduate student at MIT. He has published several articles on Physics topics in several related science reviews, presented for two years at the APS March Meeting, was awarded an Honorable Mention title with the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and was awarded a James Mill Peirce Fellowship at Harvard, one of six Physics graduate students to receive such a an honor among other notable attributes. He is looking forward to helping Areteem’s science students expand their knowledge of their world around them.

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Dr. Darin Ragozzine


Dr. Darin Ragozzine, Physicist and State Champion,  Areteem Institute faculty since 2011.

Dr. Ragozzine is an astrophysicist studying planets around other  stars and icy bodies in the outer solar system. He received a Ph.D.  in Planetary Science from Caltech in 2009 and a BA in Physics and  Astrophysics from Harvard in 2004. He has extensive experience  as a teaching assistant and an instructor (online and in person) in a  wide variety of courses.  In high school, Darin placed in the top 200  in the nation several times in various mathematics competitions  and won multiple Utah state championships in mathematics and  extemporaneous speaking. When not researching, Darin enjoys  spending time with his family.

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Dr. Gergory Galperin Dr. Gregory Galperin, Areteem Institute faculty since 2012.

Dr. Galperin has a Ph.D from the University of Moscow and a history of mathematical excellence. He was the former Deputy Leader of the USA IMO team. He is also a USAMO Committee member and a coordinator at the IMO. Dr. Galperin conducted the Moscow and Russian National Math Olympiads from 1970 to 1980. Currently he is a Professor of Mathematics at Eastern Illinois University.

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Qin Jing

Qin Jing, IMO Silver Medalist, Areteem Institute faculty  since 2011.

Qin Jing studied mathematics at Peking University and Harvard University. She won a silver medal in the 27th IMO as a member of  the Chinese team.  She taught at MOSP in 2004. She is currently  teaching mathematics at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and  Technology. She loves to share the beauty of mathematics with  her students.

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Dr. Yu-Wen Hsu

Dr. Yu-Wen Hsu, Areteem Institute faculty since 2013.

Dr. Yu-Wen Hsu has Ph.D. in Mathematics from Yale University. She experience in educational programs as a Counselor for Mathematical Olympiad Scholarships of Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Her specialties are in Geometry: Geometric Evolution Equation, Curve Shortening Flow, Ricci Flow.

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David Zhu

David Zhu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Areteem Institute  faculty since 2008.

David is a senior member of the technical staff at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and has been working at JPL on computer vision and  robotics for 15 years.  He did his undergraduate study in Electrical  Engineer at Caltech and participated in the Putnam Mathematical Competitions, that he started to participate in his high school years.  He enjoys working on challenging math problems in his spare time.  He writes math problems and solutions and contribute to math magazines.

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ShinnYih Huang

Dr. ShinnYih Huang, Ph.D in Mathematics at Yale, Mathematical Modeler and Researcher at Deutsche Bank, Areteem Institute faculty since 2013.

Dr. Huang is an exceptionally qualified professor with an  accomplished background in mathematics competition and a very  bright future. Mr. Huang was a Perfect Scorer, Gold and Silver Medalist at International Math Olympiad (IMO). He was also in the  top 20 individuals in Putnam Exam (College math competition). He received Ph.D. in Mathematics at Yale University.  Currently he works at Deutsche Bank Research on Mathematical Modeling.

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