Areteem Institute ‘s curriculum is a STEM-focused full curriculum that meets the requirements of the US general education high school diploma, but goes much more in depth and beyond the standard requirements in math and science subjects.

The Areteem Institute curriculum is developed based on research in the following areas: 

  1. College acceptance requirements from the very top American universities
  2. Academic readiness requirements by the top technology institutes such as MIT & CalTech
  3. Curriculum of top private prepatory and public high schools in the United States and China
  4. Common core standards in the United States and the National Standards in China 

The central focus is encouraging students to challenge themselves, build character and bring out their full potential. We teach students how to approach challenges and now to apply what they are learning to solve them. Why? Students who are taught to be resourceful, dedicated and persistent take bigger intellectual risks and reap the rewards. They are most likely to thrive in the environments surrounding prestigious colleges and universities. Moreover, they are most likely to attain success.

The challenge and in-depth training helps build the students’ strength and resilience. Our accelerated program can help high achievers reach their goals quickly. The regular seven-year middle and high school curriculum can be completed in four to five years. students can continue with Areteem’s advanced programs and selected college-level courses. Students are not fixed at any particular grade level. For their strongest subjects, they could take an accelerated course and move to the advanced levels at an earlier age. For other subjects, they may take a slower, self-paced course while remaining in the same grade level. All of Areteem Institute's courses are available with instructors or as self-paced courses for those students who may prefer to take some classes at a slower, self-regulated pace.

When they complete all required courses on certain subjects, they are offered opportunities to take on research projects and internship opportunities to further expand their academic horizons. Here are the six levels as a reference:

Level I: Corresponds to 6th and 7th grades. Includes Math Challenge I, Pre-Algebra; Earth Science, Science 6 - 7; Middle School Mandarin 1, Latin 1, Middle School English 6 - 7, Geography & US History, Physical Education 6 - 7, Art 6 - 7; could take one to two years to complete.

Level II: Corresponds to 8th to 9th grades. Includes Algebra I, Geometry, Math Challenge IIA; Physics, Biology, Physics Olympiad I; English 8, High School English 1 - 2, U.S. and World History; Middle School Mandarin 2, Middle School Latin 2, US Government; could take one to two years to complete.

Level III: Corresponds to 9th to 10th grades. Includes Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry and Math Challenge IIB, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Computer Science and Physics Olympiad II, High School Mandarin I, High School Latin I, Economics, High School English 3 - 4; could take one to two years to complete.

Level IV: Corresponds to 11th to 12th grades. Includes Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Calculus, Math Challenge III, Programming for Scientific Computing; Physics Olympiad II; English Writing, Creative Writing, Speech and Debate, AP US History, AP European History, AP World History, High School Mandarin II, High School Latin II; could take one to two years to complete.

Level V: Corresponds to 12th grade and up to the second year of college. Includes AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, AP Physics B & C, AP Biology, AP Computer Science, Math Challenge IV, AP English Literature, AP English Composition, AP Art History, AP Government & Politics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics; could take one to three years to complete.

Level VI: Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Research and Internship. Could take one to three years to complete.

 Math and SciencesHumanities
Level MathScienceEnglishSocial StudiesForeign LanguageArt
Level 1       


Math Challenge I

Earth Science

Life Science

ESL I through IV

English 6 - 7

Geography US History

 Spanish I  Music
Level 2

Algebra I


Math Challenge II
Physical Sciences Physics English 8 - 9 US History

Mandarin I Spanish  II

Fine Arts

Level 3

Algebra II


AP Calculus A



AP Physics B

Physics Olympiad I

English 10 – 11

Essay Writing

Creative Writing

World History

Mandarin II

Visual Design
Level 4

SAT Math

AP Calculus B

Math Challenge III

AP Chemistry

AP Physics C

Computer Science

Physics Olympiad II

English 11 – 12

SAT English

College Application Essay Writing

AP US History

 SAT II Mandarin AP Music Theory

Level 5

AP Statistics

Linear Algebra

Differential Equations

AP Biology

AP Computer Science

Organic Chemistry

AP English

AP European History

 Mandarin III Advanced Design

Level 6

Discrete Math Math Challenge IV

Research and Intership

Physical Chemistry

Research and Intership

Critical Thinking

Speech and Debate

Research and Intership

Research and Intership

 Research and Intership Research and Intership


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