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Early Discount Application Deadline: February 28, 2017

Regular Application Deadline: April 23, 2017

Late Application Deadline (By camp location):

  • Chicago, IL Site: May 12, 2017 
  • Cal State Fullerton Site: May 18, 2017 (still a few spaces left!)
  • San Jose, CA Site:  June 10, 2017 (COMING UP!)
  • Shenzhen, China Site:  June 10, 2017 (COMING UP!)
  • Georgetown University Site: June 23, 2017 (COMING UP!)

 Click Here for Camp Tuition and Special Discounts on the FAQ- some Discounts will need to be applied manually upon registration. 


For both the Math Zoom and STEM-Antics Programs, please follow the below Five Steps. If you have questions about the registration process or submitting documents, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 949-305-1705. Each Camp is either Two or Three Weeks long in duration whether you choose Residential or Day Camp options. Note that Cal State Fullerton and Georgetown Camps offer both Residential and Day Camp options while Chicago, San Jose, and Shenzhen are only Day Camps. Click to see the Camp Program Overview

Follow These Four Steps:

1) Initial Application and Payment of Camp Tuition- You will be prompted to create a free account on site for the Summer Camp you have chosen either at Cal State Fullerton, Georgetown, Chicago, San Jose, or Shenzhen. Fill out the application form and make full payment to Areteem's If the applicant is not admitted into the program, the tuition will be refunded. A $50 application fee is non-refundable.


2) Supporting Documents- The following Camp Documents must be submitted to your students' account. Please do NOT email or mail them directly to us!

  1. Write and submit a Personal Essay (maximum 500 words). Here are some suggested topics:

    • A 360 degree introduction of me.
    • Select a topic in math, science, humanities or an extracurricular activity that particularly interests you. What specifically intrigues you? Be as specific as you can.
    • My parents and me.
    • Amazing things in my life that have happened since last summer!
  2. Write and submit a Parent Statement. The parent's statement is an effective way to help us understand why you want to send your child to our programs, so your child will benefit at an individualized level. In this statement, please answer the following questions:

    • Describe your child's academic interests, strengths and weaknesses
    • Describe your child's personal strengths and weaknesses
    • How do you think your child will respond to this intense academic program?
    • Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child?
  3. Submit a Recommendation Letter from a Math Teacher, Coach, or Mentor. Note the recommendation letter is waived for students who automatically qualify (see below).

3) Camp Acceptance- Our staff will be notified when students have registered and/or submitted camp materials. Note that a FULL payment must be made in order for students to be eligible to a camp. Acceptance decisions are made after a review of the submitted documents. There is normally a Two Week turnaround to review all student documents on the student account.

  • The STEM-Antics Program is open for 4th through 6th grade students and does not have specific qualifications. Students interested in math and science are encouraged to apply!

  • The Math Zoom Program is an intensive program for 6th through 12th grade students interested in advanced mathematics and after-school math competitions. Motivated students are encouraged to apply! Students do not need to have competed in math competitions to apply, but may be asked to complete a supplemental assessment to ensure the program is a good fit.

  • Automatic Qualification for Math Zoom Program. Students who have one of the following accomplishments automatically qualify.

    • Returning Math Zoom Students
    • ZIML Winners: Any student who has won a Gold, Silver or Bronze prize in one of the ZIML Monthly Contests from October 2016 to June 2017!
    • Qualified for AIME
    • Scored top 5% or better in AMC 8
    • Entered the MathCounts State level competition as individual or as part of a team
    • Top performers in ARML

4) Preparation for the Camp- Once a student is accepted to a camp, we will email a Camp Acceptance Letter to you. Information including Camp Consent and Medical Forms and Camp Information Packets will be uploaded on the site under the Summer Camp page. Students and their families will then need to complete ALL Camp Consent and Medical Forms, review the Camp Information Packets and then they are set! Note: If students are flying in to either of the Cal State Fullerton or Georgetown camp sites, please contact us about complimentary airport pickup and dropoff (see FAQ for details).



-Learn more about the Areteem Summer Camps Program Overview with Camp Dates, Locations and Daily Schedule! 

-Read our FAQ to answer all of your camp questions


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