How to Apply to an Areteem Summer Camp

Applying for an Areteem Summer Camp is easy, and is done online at

Getting Started

  • Summer Camps are offered as Day or Residential Camps at various locations each summer. For up to date information on upcoming camps, please click here.
  • Registration takes place on If you have not created a free student account, you will be prompted to do so before registration.
  • After payment, students submit application documents (see below for details) and based on these materials are accepted into the camp.
  • Areteem Summer Camp participants should be motivated students interested in learning advanced topics and problem solving strategies in math.
  • Every student's application will be different, but students meeting one or more of the following criteria automatically qualify:
    • Returning Math Zoom Students
    • ZIML Winners: Any student who has won a Gold, Silver or Bronze prize in one of the ZIML Monthly Contests
    • Scored in the Top 5% on the AMC 8
    • Qualified for AIME
    • Participated in the MathCounts State Competition (Individual or Team)
    • Top performers in ARML
  • Note: Students who automatically qualify still must submit required application documents.

Register by Following These Steps

  • Step 0: Register and make full payment at to reserve a spot in the camp.
  • Step 1: Complete the application documents for acceptance and placement purposes. These should be completed within two weeks of payment. Some students may be accepted before completing all the documents (as long as their profile shows strong qualification), but we still need you to provide necessary documents for proper placement. Usual application documents include:
    • A Student Information Questionnaire which includes past academic experience in school and relevant extracurricular activities.
    • A Student Essay which gives a short description of the students' interest in math.
    • A Parent Statement which gives parents a chance to describe their goals for the student at the camp
    • A Recommendation Letter from a Math Teacher, Coach, or Mentor (waived for students who automatically qualify)
  • Step 2: Upon completion of Step 1, your application documents will be reviewed by Areteem Staff. If you are accepted to the camp, you will receive a formal email with a letter of acceptance. You are now ready to complete specific documents required for participation in the camp, such as consent and medical forms. These forms are typically due one or two months before the start of camp. See the camp page for specific deadlines for these documents.
  • Step 3: Visit the camp page often for updates and more information. Once travel arrangements to the camp are finalized, complete the Arrival and Departure forms found on the camp page. These forms must be completed at least two weeks before the start date of the camp so that Areteem staff can plan airport transportation. If these forms are not completed by the deadline, airport transportation cannot be guaranteed.

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Get In Touch

Areteem Main Office

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  •         Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Open: Monday-Friday, 9:30am-6pm PST
  • Tel: 949-305-1705
  • Email:
  • Wechat ID: areteemhelpdesk, Rosemother

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23832 Rockfield Blvd, Suite 155 Lake Forest, CA 92630, Tel: WeChat: areteemhelpdesk, Rosemother

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