Students love our Summer Camps!
Here is just a small sampling of the glowing comments they've offered over the years

 "Awesome campers/counselors.. ability to improve my competion math skills.. was too short.. want more time to get to know everyone even more.. I enjoyed the camp."—Summer Camp Student, Cal. Berkley, July 2014

 "I liked the food, living in dorms, and the teachers."—Summer Camp Student, Cal. Berkley, July 2014


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 "Overall Math Zoom is the place to be if you're motivated to delve into a deeper world of math. It surprised me how much I could cram into my brain in 3 weeks! Years and years from now, I'll still remember this summer and all the wonderful things that I've been able to accomplish."Laura Chu, Yale University, July 2013

Tommy Jiang

"I came thinking that the camp would be too hard and I was really nervous, but it was extremely fun. The classes were great and taught me a lot, the activities were fun and gave me things to do, the field trips were great, and overall the camp was awesome."—Tommy Jiang, Yale University, July 2013


"At first I was scared that I wouldn’t like it or would get homesick, but I soon grew to like it here. It was really fun; I got to meet people from all over the country"—Sophia Wang, Yale University, July 2013

"My camp experience was awesome, it exceeded my expectations."—Youedon  Tenzin, Yale University July 2013

"The part about [the] camp which impressed me was the quality/effectiveness of the teachers and the lectures. I learned a lot more than I thought I would."—Catherine Li, Yale University, July 2013 

"It was one of the best camps I’ve ever been to. The kids and the activities were so fun."—Jethin Gowda, Yale University, July 2013 

"The camp was a good experience because I got to make new friends, see Yale, and learn a lot of math from top professors."Kyle Janati, Yale University, July 2013 

“It’s not just math, it’s fun.” – Justin Kambo

“The problem solving skills Math Zoom has allowed me to develop will definitely help me to think outside of the box in pretty much every way possible.” – Kevin Yin  

“The instructors bring out another side of the students that you don’t often get to see.” – Michael Chao

“I wanted the camp to be one week longer.” – Alexander Clifton 

“It met—and exceeded—my expectations.” —Katherine Yan 

“Excellent instruction; I was always able to follow the conversations.” —Alex Miskimon 

“I like the teaching style. It’s hard material but simple once taught.” —Patrick Hompe 

“The evening seminars were good. Not boring at all. The activities were well planned out and a lot of fun. In addition, I made many good friends.” —Kavi Jain 

“The best thing about this camp is you can really mix math with social activities and friends.” —Julietta Garbasz 

“I love being surrounded by smart people. This is the best experience I ever had.” – Kevin Lee

“Normally you don’t have people who are as specialized, so to have a camp where you can just focus on improving your math skills is really nice.” —Crystal Chang 

“We’ve learned shortcuts and faster ways to solve problems—faster than the ways taught at school.” —Harrison Chen 

“I would definitely recommend it to other people, especially people bored in normal math classes or in their school setting because it’s a way to push yourself and become the mathematician you didn’t know you were.” —Ricki Heicklen

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