Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

What are Areteem Institute's Summer Camp Programs?

Areteem Institute's Summer Camps are programs dedicated to promoting math, science, and technology in the education of young generations.

Please see our Summer Camps Overview page for more details about the programs and our rich history.

Why should I attend an Areteem Institute Summer Camp?

Areteem Summer Camps are a perfect place students interested in STEM to expand their horizons and improve both in academics and in leadership.

Please see our Summer Camps Overview page for detailed information on why an Areteem Summer Camp would be a perfect fit for your child.

Who are the faculty?

The faculty consists of renowned lecturers and university professors, dedicated instructors of Areteem's year-round programs (including courses, camps and ZIML competitions), veterans of International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO), and Olympiad coaches, who have successful careers in math, science, and technology, with many years of classroom teaching experience. Among them are Dr. Kevin Wang, founder of Areteem and Math Zoom, former IMO China Team member, former math faculty at UC Irvine and UCLA, and Dr. Harold B. Reiter, math professor at UNCC, who is very well known and well respected in math education and math competitions. Please visit the faculty page by clicking here for more information and constant updates to the list of faculty members.

What is the academic curriculum?

Camp curriculum focus on problem solving and real world applications. More information can be found on our Curriculum and Activities Page by clicking here.

Do Areteem Institute's Summer Camps teach real world skills?

Yes! Areteem Institute's leadership team is always seeking new ways to develop practical skills that will turn gifted students into successful professionals. As educators with strong research and industry backgrounds, Areteem Institute's directors know the importance of helping students acquire skills that will help them to succeed in any profession they choose. These talented professionals expose students to opportunities that will empower them to make well-informed decisions in pursuing the careers of their dreams. The seminars that have been presented during the residential camps included math applications in military, bio-informatics, space technology, academic research, actuary, quantitative analysis, and other areas in the financial industry.

What is the typical age of participants? What is the student/teacher ratio and how are students grouped?

The age range for students depends on the program. Please click here for updated information for upcoming programs.

Where and when will the Areteem Institute’s Summer Camp Program be held this year?

The Areteem Summer Camps are held every year on the campuses of top universities across the United States and throughout the world. Camps usually run for 2 or 3 weeks, with residential and day options varying by location. Click here to see a history of past dates, locations, and photos taken during the camp.

Click here for updated information on camp locations and dates for the upcoming summer.

What is included in camp tuition? How much does a summer camp cost?

Residential Camper Tuition includes room and board, camp materials (t-shirts, bags, binders, etc.), morning and afternoon class lessons and workshops, evening seminars and study hall tutoring, on campus activities, transportation to and from nearby airports. Also included are weekend field trips such as a trip to a local theme park. Students may want to bring their own money to pay for snacks and souvenirs during their stay at camp.

Day Camper Tuition contains camp materials (t-shirts, bags, binders, etc.), morning and afternoon class lessons and workshops, and lunch for each class day of the camp.

Click here for information about the tuition for the summer camps. For International Residential Students there is a $200 surcharge for extra costs incurred related to document support, insurance, and other services.

Are there any discounts or scholarships?

Please see the current Summer Camp page found by clicking here for current discounts and scholarships. Note that discounts and scholarships cannot be combined. Subscribing to our newsletter (by clicking here) or following us on Social Media will keep you up to date with the latest promotions.

What is your refund policy?

It is our hope that all the students who register and are accepted make it a priority and are able to attend the summer camp. We understand under special circumstances this is not possible; please click here to see the complete "Refund Policy" located on our course site.

Are there any discounts or scholarships?

For up to date information about current discounts and scholarships click here to see "Discounts and Scholarships" located on our current Summer Camps page.

What is the procedure and deadline to apply for Areteem Institute's Summer Camp? Where do I send application materials?

Registration is done on the site. The final deadline is usually one month before the camp start date, but registration opens at the start of the year and spots can fill up fast. Application materials and required documents are all submitted on (please do not email or mail us any documents).

Please click here to see more detailed information on our "How to Apply" page.

I just finished registration and completed the required application documents, what should I do now?

It typically takes roughly two weeks for Areteem staff to review the application documents and notify you of your acceptance to the camp. After acceptance, please review the procedures found on the camp page to ensure you complete the rest of the required documents by the deadlines. In addition to the application documents, camps typically need medical forms and consent forms as well as travel information (for residential campers).

What materials and study tools should I bring?

In general, students should bring their own pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, compasses, calculators, notebooks, etc. Teaching materials such as books (if applicable), handouts and assignments, and scratch paper, be provided to the students. After registration please visit the camp page for specific information to your camp.

What travel assistance is provided?

For residential camp students, we provide complimentary pick-up and drop-off at the closest airport. Please see the camp pages on for more information about airport pick-up after registration. Travel needs to be finalized a minimum of two weeks before the camp starts so that Areteem staff can arrange pickup.

What are the living arrangements for students?

Residential campers will be staying in traditional student residence halls on campus. Each dorm room is typically shared by two or three students of the same gender with communal bathrooms. Genders are usually separated by floor or wing inside the residence hall. Areteem Camp staff members including counselors and instructors stay with the students to serve as chaperones for the residential students.

Residential campers are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the camp, often from dining at the university cafeteria. Accommodations can be made for any food allergies or dietary restrictions. The first meal is dinner on check-in day and the last meal is breakfast on departure day.

Day campers are dropped off each day in time for the morning class session and picked up after recreation activities in the afternoon. Please see the camp pages on for specific information on lunch for day campers as it varies by site. Typically lunch is only provided for day campers at camps with residential students.

What kind of recreational facilities are available?

Typically camp students have access to the university sports and recreation facilities that are on campus within walking distance of the dorms. These facilities may include fields, tennis or basketball courts, and pools. Use of these facilities would be with the experienced camp counselors acting as chaperones. Counselors are typically trained in First Aid should it need to be administered. After registration, please visit the camp pages on for more information.

What fun things that happen at our camps?

"What did you do in camp this week, honey?" Ask your Areteem Institute's Math Zoom or STEM-Antics Summer Camper this question, and you're likely to get a loooong enthusiastic answer! Here's just a small representative sampling of a typical week's activities from years past:

  • Instant Insanity Puzzle
  • Why a Mathematician is called a "Mathemagician" presentation
  • Field Trip to the Beach
  • Pizza with New Camp Friends
  • Speech and Debate sessions
  • In Class Math Contests
  • Problems on Chickens, Bunnies, and the Happy Farm
  • Singing in the Talent Show
  • Trivia Nights
  • Playing Rational Tangles Math Game
  • Hitting the Salad Bar at the College Cafeteria
  • Learning Cool New Math Shortcuts
  • Doing My Own Laundry for the First Time (your mother will appreciate this!)
  • Fireworks Show on the Fourth of July! 
  • High-Speed Game-Show-Style Math Competition
  • Walking Around "my" College Campus
  • Fun with Logic Teasers
  • Group Discussion about Social Challenges at School
  • Riding Roller Coasters at an Amusement Park
  • Evening Seminar on the Stock Market
  • Co-Ed Soccer Game
  • Arts and Crafts Nights
  • Presentations on Astronomy or the Mars Rover project
  • Problems related to Optical Illusions
  • Barbecue in the Dorm Courtyard

Where do I find updates and information about future camp programs from Areteem Institute?

Visit our main website at often for updates and subscribe to our newsletter (by clicking here) or follow us on social media (@areteem or username AreteemInstitute).

If you have any questions we are available by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phone at (949) 305-1705, or on WeChat at areteemhelpdesk or Rosemother. Our typical business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

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